How to Reduce Food Waste in Restaurants

how to reduce food waste in restaurants

Eating meals in a restaurant offers patrons a unique experience they can't always get at home.

Unfortunately, along with the pleasure of eating out, food waste in restaurants is a common problem. Luckily this issue can be avoided with the right steps in place.

Read on for some helpful tips so you can avoid producing excess food waste at your place of business.

Keep Inventory at a Reasonable Level

It's never a good feeling to tell customers you've run out of a particular food item. However, one of the common causes of food waste in restaurants is due to overbuying specific products.

Keep a running tally of your monthly food inventory, and try to cut back on items that aren't selling as quickly. When you start to regulate your inventory levels, the food will be fresher and it will be easier to prevent excess waste.

Try to maintain a consistent ordering schedule so that every food item is fresh and eaten within a specific timeframe. When you keep incoming inventory in check, it's much easier to reduce your waste output.

Prevent Food Waste in Restaurants with Proper Storage Methods

As soon as food goes bad due to spoilage, it can't be sold. This means you end up tossing your food (and your hard-earned money) directly into the garbage.

Check your food storage procedures to ensure that all food items are being kept in a safe manner. From regulating the temperature in storage refrigerators and walk-in freezers to using the right containers, adequate storage makes a huge difference.

Not only will proper food storage protocols help your food last longer, but it will also keep your customers safe. Check on the food in your kitchen regularly to ensure that all employees are storing things the way they should.

How to Handle Food Waste

Ideally, you never want to waste food if you can avoid. Scraps and leftovers are always a part of the restaurant business, but there are things you can do to handle this waste in a better way.

Products like the orca food waste digester help you divert excess food from the landfill. These devices make it easy to handle waste, and they also prevent excess odors and the possibility of pests.

While food waste in restaurants is a fact of life, it doesn't mean you can't dispose of it in a responsible, eco-friendly way. Instead of tossing excess food in a dumpster, consider this method to help the earth and your bottom line.

Say Goodbye to Waste

Although food waste in restaurants can't always be avoided, there are things you can do to keep your levels low. From inventory tracking to storage and proper disposal, you can ensure that your business manages food waste in a more effective way.

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