Guide to Promoting Health and Wellness in the Workplace

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Did you know that up to 94 percent of Americans say that they experience stress at the workplace? 

The workplace environment has become a source of stress and pressure for too many American employees.

Your employees are your company's lifeblood. If they're constantly stressed and anxious, they're not going to be able to perform productively.

That's why it's so important for you to learn about promoting health and wellness in your business. Check out our tips on how to achieve this below.

1. Launch a Mindfulness Class

More and more Americans are adopting mindfulness and meditation techniques to wind down in the workplace.

Mindful meditation has been proven to improve mental health, raise self-awareness, and calm people's nerves.

But, without any knowledge or understanding about the breathing practice, it's not always easy to get started from scratch.

You could launch your own mindfulness class during lunchtimes or early mornings to help your employees learn some of the tricks. 

2. Improve Your Company Culture 

Your company culture is everything if you want to improve health and wellness. You need to create an atmosphere that allows people to stay healthy.

What do you do when someone phones in sick? You need to make sure they know that they can always take time off work if they need to recover from an illness.

If an employee comes to you with work-related stress or a personal problem, make sure you offer your support and help rather than demanding they work harder.

3. Encourage Bringing Pets to Work 

Many Americans love their pets. If you arrive home to your cheerful pet dog, this can really raise your spirits when you're feeling down.

But, what about if your employees were allowed to bring their pets to work. You may think that this could be bad for business.

However, this has been shown to improve the productivity and wellness of workers.

4. Make Sure Everyone Takes a Lunchbreak

More than half of Americans say that they don't even take a lunch break when they're working. Of course, some of these people feel that they are discouraged from having breaks at lunchtime by their employees. Others are merely overworked.

But, you need to make sure your employees have time off at some point during the day. Research shows that employees who have lunch breaks are happier, more engaged and perform better as well.

Check out leading award-winning companies to discover more about how to make sure your employees say happy, healthy and engaged. 

The Secrets to Promoting Health and Wellness

Now you know how to help your employees lead happier and healthier lives. You shouldn't only think about paying the salaries of your workers.

Promoting health and wellness in the workplace is also the responsibility of every employer. From ensuring lunch breaks are taken to allowing workers to bring pets into work, every little bit helps.

Do you want to know more business tips and tricks? Discover everything you need to know about workplace wellness and healthier offices on our blog.

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