9 Ways to Help Employees Live Healthier at Work

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Did you know that on average, employees spend approximately 1,920 hours of their lives a year at work? You can imagine that with hours like that, the environment in the workplace can really make or break an employee's well-being emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

By making employee's well-being a company priority you'll be able to increase their productivity and have happier and healthier employees working for you. Don't know where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered with nine ideas to get you started today! 

1. Good Benefits Package Mean Healthier Employees (Literally) 

Before you jump into other wellness programs start from the ground up and review your existing employee benefits packages. 

Are you offering the bare minimum? Can you offer more? Two questions you should ask yourself when reviewing your packages. If you don't already offer paramedical services like chiropractors and massage therapists it's a great time to add them in! Workers need massage, do you have them? How are the limits of care? 

Additionally, check to see if your plan offers nutritionist and naturopathic support so you can support and improve employee health. 

2. Employee Development Program 

Another way to create healthier employees is to provide them the opportunity for improvement and development. This can be as easy as providing access to courses to boost their job knowledge or maybe even get savvier with Excel, or maybe pay for their attendance to a symposium or tech event. 

You may also want to look into reimbursements for degree and program completions to show support for further education and boost your staff's qualifications by developing from within. By supporting the growth of your employees, you're also supporting the growth of your business's shared knowledge. 

3. Corporate Memberships For Fitness Clubs 

The most common employee wellness initiative is offering discounts for fitness clubs. Most gyms will offer a corporate membership rate for your employees that provides them with access at a fraction of the cost that they would pay if they sign up themselves. 

Exercise boosts endorphins which makes people happy and healthy overall, and a discounted membership can be just the motivation an employee may need to regularly exercise! 

4. Stock The Office Kitchen With Healthy Snacks 

When we're stressed, we tend to snack. This is just a part of life, so why not set up employees for success? 

Get rid of chocolate bars and sugary snacks in the office kitchen and get yourself set up with some good options like granola and protein bars, fresh fruits, and veggies. It's a known fact that healthy food boosts brain function and keeps you from getting the sugar crash that happens after a chocolate bar or canned soda. 

Check out options like a vending machine or healthy food suppliers. Be sure to check out the reviews before committing to know what people are saying about the products. 

5. Promote Activity In The Office With Group Stretching 

Get your employees standing up and move at least once a day by setting up a specific 15-30 minute time period devoted to stretching and walking around the office. Maybe try to pick an individual to lead stretches for the week, or try offering a yoga session during lunch to have employees not feel like they're tied to their desks. 

Getting employees moving boosts blood flow and circulations which means more blood and oxygen to the brain, feeling less tired, and of course healthier employees! 

6. Try Out Walking Meetings 

Have some space around your office building where employees can take a walk? Why not get walking meetings implemented! 

Walking meetings is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of sitting around a boardroom table, or sitting at your desk on a phone meeting, take your call or in-person meeting outside. Who knows, maybe the fresh air and movement will get some new ideas brainstormed. 

7. Review Employees Work Setups 

How are your employee's desks set up day-to-day? 

Reviewing how employees are sitting is paramount to a healthy workforce both physically and mentally. Invest in your employee by providing ergonomic assessment to their workspace, seeing if they need any special accessories like keyboard gel pads or a better chair. Trust us, they'll love the improvements! 

8. Incorporate Group Activities 

Launching a group activity can be just the thing to improve employee wellness. You can try our weekly or monthly activity during the week like a group walk, a yoga session, a bike ride, or an employee game day to give employees a break and boost morale and well-being in the workplace. 

Don't forget the added benefit of boosting teamwork and interaction among employees that builds community! 

Take a poll to see what employees would be interested in seeing and doing to give you some more ideas to implement. 

9. Yearly Health Credit 

Some employees may be strapped for cash when it comes to purchasing some gym clothes, or even signing up for a recreational league. By offering them a yearly health credit to subsidize their activities you can be helping them out more than you realize! 

The amount doesn't have to be much and it's dependent on how your company finances look, but more places give around $500.00 to employees to spend on new gym shoes, a membership to a spin studio, or even purchasing a fitness tracking watch. 

Healthier Employees Are Happier Employees 

Happy employees are healthier employees, and introducing some new perks for wellness is a great place to start to increase your employee's happiness. 

Whether you decide to go with one, two, or all of the ideas we've provided you will likely see a vast improvement in your employees by introducing some practical health initiatives they can benefit from. And make sure to read more of our employee health articles 

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