SEO for Law Firms: 3 Tips You Need to Know

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What's the first action people take when they need a lawyer? 

They search for one on Google, of course. 

More than a billion people prefer Google over other search engines, and over 96% of legal advice is sought online first. That's why search engine optimization (SEO) is central to any law firm marketing plan. 

Every industry approaches SEO differently, and lawyers are no exception. SEO for law firms is uniquely different than HVAC SEO, for example. 

Read on to discover three essential SEO tips for the legal niche. 

1. Become an Online Legal Authority 

Potential clients don't want inexperienced lawyers. They're looking for experienced professionals who will fight for them and deliver positive outcomes. 

Seeking out legal advice online is the first step future clients make. Many are still deciding if they even need a lawyer in the first place. Your job is to capture potential clients at any stage of their online journey. 

Creating an authoritative legal blog is an excellent way to target and capture law firm leads. Content marketing is also a cornerstone of effective law firm SEO. Not only do you build trust through authoritative content, but a high-quality blog can improve your Google ranking with every click. 

2. Keyword Research and Link Building 

Behind every high-quality legal blog are strategic keyword and link building strategies. Keyword research is also crucial for law firm website optimization. 

Keyword research tools mine search engines to reveal keyword opportunities and data. Most tools provide monthly search volume, keyword difficulty scores, and competitive predictions for each keyword. 

Ideally, you want targeted keywords with decent search volume and low competition; these types of keywords are easier to rank for because they require fewer backlinks to rank. The more popular your website gets, the easier it will be to rank for hard keywords on Google and other top search engines. 

3. Master Paid SEO for Law Firms 

Successful SEO for law firms leverage paid and organic strategies. Legal blogging is an example of organic SEO for lawyers, whereas search engine ads are an example of paid SEO. 

Google Adwords is the most popular search engine PPC platform. Law firm marketers bid on keywords to land ad opportunities on the first page of Google. 

For example, if you want to target personal injury clients in Chicago, you would bid on the keyword, "personal injury lawyers in Chicago," or a similar keyword. Your ad would appear above organic search results for the keyword. This strategy is also a great way to improve your website rankings. You must leverage local SEO tactics in the legal services industry.

PPC is one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions for law firms and attorneys. Remember to practice strategic ad bidding to make the most of your PPC budget, and leverage analytics to discover the best schedules for your ads. 

Pay-Per-Click advertising used in synergy with search engine optimization for your legal practice is a winning combination.

Become the #1 Law Firm on Google 

Don't get lost in a pool of lawyers. Stand out on the world's #1 search engine. Leverage SEO for law firms to become the top legal authority in your community. 

SEO is just one part of your law firm's marketing strategy. Check out the SEO and Law sections of our business blog to discover more ways to attract traffic and clients for your legal practice.

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