5 Reasons Why Golf Clubs Are Great For Business

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Have you been eyeing that new gold bag or newest set of golf clubs at your local sports shop? Trying to figure out how you can justify the golfing expense to yourself and your significant other? Well, believe it or not, those golf clubs you want could actually help make you more money in the long run. Here are 5 reasons why golf clubs are great for business. 

1. Networking 

It is common knowledge that people in business go to the golf course on a regular basis. There's almost no better place to make new contacts or leads for sales. You and your colleagues will bring other people, allowing you all to meet new people. You will also meet other people on the course while you play. If there's a clubhouse, it could be beneficial to have a drink after a round of golf to see who you might be able to meet in there. Whenever you go to the golf course, it's important to be on your best behavior (but not be boring) and carry plenty of business cards with you. 

2. Calming And Fun 

Being in business can be stressful. People can feel that pressure while they are at the office. When they get to the golf course, the green grass, fresh air, and pretty scenery can help everyone relax. While relaxed, people are in a much better mood. Also, the experience is simply fun. Many people enjoy the sport. Everyone is happier when doing something they consider fun. So bring your best golf grips to the game and enjoy yourself.

3. Gift Opportunities 

Birthdays and holidays always come up before you least expect it. Instead of getting something they don't really want, take your colleagues out for a round of golf at Palencia Club in St. Augustine. Everyone will want to have you as their Secret Santa. 

4. Stand Out From Other Women 

Women have it hard enough as it is in the workplace. You don't need to give men another advantage on the golf course. Instead, work on your game at Palencia Club in St. Augustine. If you impress them while playing golf, there's a good chance that you can impress them back at the office as well. 

5. Opportunity To Talk Business 

Sometimes it can be difficult to get in the door with certain executives. If you get them out onto the golf course, it gives you the opportunity to talk to them. Some people won't accept meetings in the office but will be far more willing to accept an invitation to play golf. 

While playing, the main focus will be the golfing game. However, at the end of the game, it's the perfect time to talk to them about what you can do for them business-wise. Some people think that they should let the boss win to get him buttered up, but play as hard as you can. Most people want a business partner with a drive for success. Make it a "good game" to give yourself the best chance to close. 

Get Golfing And Growing Your Business

Sure, you may be able to use your old clubs. However, you want to impress the people around you, don't you? Those new clubs may turn out to be a better investment than you thought. Playing golf with clients and coworkers will be the hole in one your business needs! Start driving sales today!

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