Take Crazy Marketing Ideas Seriously While Brainstorming

brainstorming crazy marketing ideas

The brainstorming session for marketing strategies is crucial to determine the next best step. It is the first phase of the process, and you have to invite everyone to take part. Your marketing team needs to be there, but you can also invite the employee outside the team. The goal is to think about as many ideas as possible. At this stage, it doesn't help to tell people their ideas don't matter. Whether those ideas are good or bad, crazy or sane, you need to accept them. You want everyone to know that you listen to them. 

Everything Goes Through A Refinement Stage 

Brainstorming is the initial phase. There are still other steps that could take place. Don't let anyone feel that you dismiss them right away. Who knows? Something great might come out of these crazy ideas. You just have to give them a chance. 

You Might Regret Dismissing People 

You don't want to regret it later that you didn't take these ideas seriously, especially if you see your competitors taking your thunder away. You also don't want to lose some of your best team members because you told them to shut up due to a crazy idea. Even the most nonsensical of them all could still make sense if given a chance. 

Going Back To A Traditional Approach Might Work 

You’ve been busy with online marketing campaigns recently. If someone tells you to go back to a traditional approach, you might dismiss that person. The truth is that such a campaign makes sense. Many companies use a digital kiosk display, for instance, because it works. It helps make products popular, especially among local audiences. Therefore, you have to consider that approach and look for ideas that might appeal to a lot of people. You might have been so busy with the online campaigns that you forgot about people who aren't always online. 

Be Clear That Not All Ideas Will Be In The Final Results 

Although you need to be accepting of different ideas, it needs to be clear that not all of them will go to the final round. It’s possible for you to scrap some of them so only the plausible ones will move forward. It’s also possible that only some elements will make it while others won’t. Everyone needs to participate and remain open-minded in the process. 

Keep Doing This Process 

If some ideas don’t make the final cut, it is okay. Encourage your team members to keep thinking and contributing. Perhaps, next time, their ideas will work. You need to keep every member enticed to work with you and the rest of the team. 

Don’t Forget To Thank Everyone 

Not all ideas were useful, but you need to remain grateful for their contributions. Don’t forget to say thank you to your employees for contributing to your marketing campaign’s success. Make them realize that you value every idea even if it didn’t make the final cut. You also want to motivate every member to keep doing what’s best for everyone as you move forward.

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