6 Top CX Trends Businesses Should Follow

customer experience trends

Customer experience is critical for all businesses, and if you run a company, you are probably looking for the next big trends. Steve Jobs states that you need to “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” 

Customer Experience Is Critical

It’s one of the best pieces of advice someone can offer because if you focus on customer experience you will outperform your competition, along with using Social wifi marketing. Simply put, CX is crucial.

We expect customer experience to improve in the coming years. Now 80% of clients prefer to pay more for a great customer experience. It’s expected by next year, customer experience to overtake product and price as the main brand differentiator. 

Clicktale states that the clients who had an unpleasant experience on a company’ website are 88% less likely to return. 

1. Customers Want Hyper-Personalised Experiences 

Internet Retailing states that 69% of clients want the companies they buy from to provide a personalised experience, but less than 50% of businesses deliver one. People want nowadays brand to reach to them in a customised way. They want to receive personalised newsletters, emails and product recommendations. 

Do you sell shower gels? When you provide discounts for the products with raspberry flavour, you should inform the clients who prefer these products. The ones who like mint are less likely to buy something else. Customers love the brands that provide this service because they get what they want, without having to say a word. 

You can use IoT devices as well so you can access extensive data about your clients. Use the information to identify your clients’ pain points, buying habits and interactions they had with your brand. By gathering data and collaborating with a user experience digital agency you can create strategies to attract more clients. A digital agency would count on the data you gather from clients to create marketing content. 

Hyper-Personalisation Is Possible If You Use Your Clients’ In-Depth Data 

2. Clients Want More Transparency 

Recent studies have found that 90% of people want the brand they buy from, to be honest, and 80% of them prefer friendly companies, especially in social media interactions. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide you with the opportunity to build good relations with your clients. In the modern age, it’s crucial to stay true to your brand’s value. 

With legislation like GDPR, both customers and governmental bodies focus on information transparency. Companies that don’t meet data protection legislation need to make amends because lack of transparency can lead to a backlash. 

To ensure your clients are happy you need to comply with the GDPR legislation and to openly communicate with your public. Before sending promotional materials to your clients, you should ask for their permission. And more important you should always strive to be transparent. You’ll earn new clients if you answer to all the questions the public has about your business. 

3. Companies Will Integrate AI In The Customer Service Space 

Around 70% of people switch brands because of unsatisfactory customer experience. The new 5G service is expected to experience a boom in business and the main consequence will be clients to want services delivered faster. 

More businesses will soon use chatbots and AI to improve their customer experience. Social media platforms create a new generation of clients who expect the brands they choose from to use tech to communicate with them. 

By combining AI and chatbots with social messaging, you’ll automate and personalise the messages you send to your customers. To take full advantage of this trend you need to use the latest tech to provide improved customer experience. 

This will be the year when companies will create new paths by using technology. You can introduce an Alexa skill in your services to facilitate your clients’ access to your online store. 

4. Improved Security Measures 

To provide customised services you need to attain more information about your audience. But for some people, knowing that a company holds their data it’s worrying. 

In the new economy, companies must protect their date from cyber criminals and they can do it by improving their security protocols and using a cloud-based infrastructure. Companies started to research the effectiveness of biometric technology as facial recognition, fingerprint ID, and voice biometrics to understand if it can improve their security measures. 

Create Secure Infrastructure To Prove To Your Clients That They Can Trust You With Their Data 

24/7 site monitoring, automatic upgrades, breach-resistant microservice architecture and firewalls are only some measures you should adopt to show to your public that security is important for you. 

5. Predictive Analytics Will Become More Important 

Predictive analysis will become a major trend this year because it can help brands deliver customised experiences. This technology makes use of machine learning, statistical algorithms and consumer data to provide information for marketing. In the modern digital world it will help you predict customer responses and improve operations by managing resources and forecasting inventory. 

You Must Use Predictive Analytics Tools To Take Benefit From This Trend 

Netflix is a famous example of a company that uses predictive analytics to collect data from its clients and deliver suggestions according to their preferences and browsing patterns. 

6. Technology Must Be Modern 

Customer experience is essential nowadays because it influences purchasing decisions. Even if some things are expected to change in the new normal, customer experience will reign supreme in the retail world. 

People don’t tolerate outdated technology. Most of the interactions start with the website, so companies need to constantly update their web pages to meet their clients’ requirements. People want the brands they collaborate with to respond to their needs. An outdated website would only show them that the customer experience isn’t a priority for the brand. Watching clients struggling with a slow website doesn’t make sense because every frustrated client is a customer your competitors earn. 

CX Conclusion

Communication with the customers starts from the website and continues with the services you provide, so you need to update the delivery method and the quality of the services to retain them in the future.

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