10 Tips To Run Clever Digital Marketing Campaigns & Extend Your Budget

tips run clever digital marketing strategy stretch budget

Digital marketing is the ultimate super-power that provides the most effective results in marketing nowadays. Digital marketing is the solid base and primary component for any marketing campaign. It’s super easy and quick to realize marketing ideas and techniques in a digital sphere. All effective advertising is the result of digital marketing at some point. There are some chief points to consider for a clever and optimal digital marketing campaign. Come to this with a clear mind to implement some well-known tricks and you’ll get the maximum profit from your online business. 

1. Recommendations And Feedback Build Trust 

It’s a common truth that all of us pay major attention to the product / service feedback before making purchases. A product or a service with many feedback (preferably positive) are more likely to be picked rather than the ones without any feedback. So, on your way of becoming a successful online marketer, consider having a “reviews” section where users can share their experiences with your service/product. This practice will doubtlessly build trust among your shoppers, as they will see you real. In addition, it’s a sign of some kind of confidence providing your customers with an opportunity to freely share their opinion about your service/product on your site. This means you are sure of the quality you provide and this increases the chance of having more sales for twice. 

Besides the actual feedback, you can have blog posts about real-life use cases of your customer experience. If this is a service or some tool, you can share the experience of your customers about how your product has helped them to reach success. This way your users will not only have some proof that this actually works but also they will learn some methods of correct implementation of your service/tool for their cases. 

2. Eye-Catching Video Ads 

eye-catching video marketing ads youtube ads

Video advertising is always an effective way of sharing your ideas with the audience, of course, if it’s well recorded. If you have creative and attractive video ads for your service, think about the perfect way of demonstrating them. 

The first thing that comes in my mind as the most attractive way of showing a video ad is a video popup. Yes, the one we all see on various websites today. Sometimes they can be really annoying. And you know why? Just because the authors of such popups overuse the actual purpose of this naturally good means of advertising. They become spammy - showing the ads without purpose, not to the right audience, and not in a user-friendly way. 

I’ll tell you some very important points, considering which you will not only skip from being annoying to your customers with such popup windows, but also raise your profit in a nice way. 

First of all, your video should be nicely recorded, with high quality and informative way. You should make sure it shares your idea in the best way, that will reach your users’ minds. 

Secondly, you must take care of the responsiveness of your video popup. It should look nice on any device. And here you’ll easily figure it out with a good popup tool. Make some research and find the best one for you. 

Put your video add into the popup and show it on your website. It’s the best informative and eye-catching way to share your ideas with your customers. The video popup can be added on your homepage, for example, so the visitors will see it and learn about your promotions when they first visit your website. 

An important point is providing escaping ways for your popup. Add an “X” button so the users can close it in case they are not interested in your offer. Don’t put seconds of delay to close the popup. It’s annoying, and the user will not accept your info anyways, as they will be irritated by not being able to close the popup. Put a simple “X” closing button, and let users decide on watching the video or not. 

This will surely bring you more profit than forcing popups that can't be closed, especially on mobile screens. 

3. Psychology As A Powerful Marketing Tool 

psychology powerful marketing tool website advertising

Don’t ever underestimate the power of psychology in marketing. This can be the main ground of the overall strategy and the ultimate key to your success. If you know the essentials of a human mind and common behavior, you’ll be able to convince them in all means. And what’s the main aim of marketing? Convincing, of course! 

There are some common tricks you can implement to promote more sales on your website. One of such tricks is the growth of the interest among your customers, showing some real grown numbers due to your service. Show them how others have reached success due to your service/product. This can be really motivating. When we see someone has some success we want to know how he/she has reached it. So, if you show them how someone has reached success using your tool/service, this can be a firm ground for you to have more converted customers. 

Another trick is a time limitation on special offers on your site. The most common one can be a sales offer. If you offer sales for some limited time period, this definitely increases the chances of selling more items. Especially, if there’s some timer on your site, counting down till the offer is available, this will give you more results. Customers are more likely to make purchases (even unnecessary ones) when there are time-limited sales. So just consider this face and put some timer on your site, as a banner, or as a popup banner – anything you wish. 

One more important point is making customers feel special. You can easily grow your email list implementing the following trick on your site. Use a subscription popup and offer free eBooks to every 10th subscriber to your list. So you’ll send eBooks to every 10th subscriber to your newsletter. This will totally motivate your customers to subscribe to your list and your website conversion rates will surely increase. 

4. Analytical Research 

One of the main things that can help you in this process is knowing your audience well. Track statistics on your site to see your customers’ preferences. Use various polls on your site and ask questions to understand the needs and requirements of your customers better. These polls can be used in popups, to make it more productive and not occupy extra space on your site. Polls can also be sent to your subscribers as a part of a newsletter. Make surveys to improve your sales. 

As you have a ground of knowledge about your customer needs, you can target them by clever offers to increase your sales. 

Put the accent on what your customers need. Complete your market with the items (options) that are most desirable for your customers. 

Targeting popup offers can be a very good impulse for your sales. You can show different offers for different age groups, for women and men, for different countries, considering their individualities. This kind of individual offers will definitely have a good impact in your sales growth. 

Analytical research on your site will help you to target all your offers and make more sales. Your website conversation rates will raise a lot and your marketing strategies will become more effective. 

Check which pages on your site are less visited, and improve them. Compare them with the ones that are more visited. This kind of researches will greatly help you to improve the overall quality of your website. Because a professionally constructed and an operating website is the first step to the successful marketing and business itself. 

5. Live Conversion Upon Exit 

Exit Intent technology is one of the most powerful inventions in popup triggering in general. It appears from nowhere just when the user tries to leave the site. What can be more effective? The triggering is great. The point is to have something really worth to stop the user from leaving and make him/her stay on your site. 

If you have interesting content in your popup and the offer is really exciting, you’ll have one more customer due to your exit intent popup campaign. 

You may have a perfect website, perfect service, perfect products with great pricing. But there’s always someone that needs help in figuring out some things on your site and need help in the process. 

One of the most common reasons the visitor leaves the site is that they are unable to find something they are searching for, or they can’t figure some technical things out on your site. This is when they really need your help. 

An exit intent with a contact form popup will be just a life saver in this case, as for you, as well as for the customer. A popup appears offering them help, just when they are going to desperately leave your site. 

The probability of having this user back to your site is really high, and you’ll definitely win their hearts showing how you care about them. 

Another great example of an exit intent popup is offering sales, especially on a cart page of your site. Sometimes users leave the site, not finalizing their purchase, having some products on their carts. This is your chance to bring these abandoning users back with an exit intent popup, as some kind of reminder that they have products on their cart. 

Also, you can offer sales with an exit intent popup, and show it on your products page. A nice discount will stop anyone from leaving and will push to make some shopping on your store. 

6. Periodic Sales 

Speaking about sales. This is a well-known trick to promote more sales, no matter what type of a store you have – be that a digital one, or clothes, or something else. 

Sales are the real motivators of the scale of the sales growth in any shop. Of course, there should be a good work done to show these sales in an effective way. Take some more time and create attractive ads announcing about sales on your site. 

You can use banners, popups, newsletter – anything to announce your sales. Make sure they are attractive and with high quality. 

Discounts are good promoters of your website sales, for sure. But you should also acknowledge that this means can be a short time sales’ booster. The customers may wait for the sales to make purchases, even if they can afford themselves to pay the real cost for the products/services. This way you should take care of the good variety of your products and keep the high quality. Make sure your products are affordable for all the classes. So that anyone, with any budget can afford themselves to shop on your store. In this case, sales will only be seasonal promoters of your sales. 

The best practice of offering sales is showing them on some international holidays. This is when sales are the most expected by customers. And this is when your revenue grows for 10 times. 

Another useful and productive means of showing discounts is offering them on the first visit of the customers to your site. You offer sales with a coupon code, or send them to their email address if they subscribe to your newsletter. 

7. Bribing Subscriptions 

bribing subscribers website popup call-to-action banner ads subscription new posts

No one can deny that bribes can be really pleasant sometimes. We are more likely to do something when we expect something to be done for us in return, rather than do that for nothing. This is our nature, and we should deal with it.  

Consider this fact in your marketing schemes, use this knowledge to play on users’ behavior and grow your sales. Offer sales, free gifts, online courses, etc. and ask them to subscribe to your newsletter to get them. A spinner subscription popup can do the job for A+. Everyone is in a winning place in this case. No one loses. You enlarge your email list; the customers get prizes. 

Plus, if you use your newsletter cleverly enough, you can keep them engaged with your service. And in this case you will not only grow your email list, but also gain true customers for your store. Keep the subscribers up with all your innovations, send newsletter emails and inform them about news on your store, in your service. Do this enticingly, and build your solid customers army. 

8. Care About Your Customers 

subscriber popup box website decrease bounce rate increase conversions subscribers

Every website owner should know that the attitude towards the customers is one of the most essential factors of your success. You should always care about your customers and show that to them. Be supportive and consider their notes and requirements in the improvement of your service. 

Customers are the ultimate keys to the success in your business. So put them first and make periodical polls to know what improvements are there in your service. Include a Contact Us page on your site, this is necessary. This will keep the connection between you and your customers. They should know they can always apply to you in case of any questions. 

Be responsive in support forums, if your digital product is in such communities. Customer support is more important than you may think. Customers are the builders and crushers of your business. So take care about them. 

Customer experience is very helpful, more than tests on your development process. They can find issues that you haven’t considered during tests, or offer features that can really promote your service. Try listen up to their notes and you’ll be on the winning side, always. 

9. Testing Of Digital Products 

Testing is one of the essential things when it comes to the releases of digital products/services. Test it even if you’re 100% sure of the quality and flawlessness of the product. Double test to be sure you haven’t missed anything. As things can be harder to be fixed when you have already released the product. 

Besides, all your work can be nulled because of negative reviews of the customers. As we know, customer reviews are very important for the development of any product. They have a great effect in the success of your product in the market. So why risk? Take some more time and test it properly before it’s released. 

It’s recommended for the product to be tested by other developers or QAs besides the one who has developed the product itself. Sometimes you don’t see misses in the codes you write, so it’s always great to have a fresh mind and a 3rd eye that will notice things that you might have missed. Teamwork is everything. Keep this spirit and you’ll have the perfect product in the market. 

10. Be Innovative 

Bright minds are redeemers in any sphere. Marketing is the place for fresh ideas and stable innovations. A successful marketer should never become boring and stuck on the same place. Keep moving, keep searching and do your best to be the first in the market. 

Creative marketers are the ones who reach success. Think differently and keep bringing new ideas into your business. Never stop developing. This is the key to keep up in the market and grow the number of your customers, among so many competitors. It’s very important to make regular researches to be informed about all the news on the market and take what you need the most. Take it, change it, make it yours! 

Keep surprising your customers with more options, more products and services in your sphere. Never let them get bored with your service, as there are others who are ready to grab your customers with their enticing offers. Watch your back and keep developing your service to the perfection. 

Double Up On Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be a real booster for your sales and the development of your online business. Thousands of effective means are available to run a better and more effective online marketing. Do your research and utilize the most preferable ones for your company and start promoting your business online with digital marketing campaigns. 

Taking in count the 10 points on digital marketing mentioned in this post, you can get a real success and your online business will glow in a short period. 

Be innovative, be responsive, use engaging means and always keep the connection with your customers. These are the key points to be a successful digital marketer. 

Ani Poghosian is the Content Manager at Popup Maker. We are specialized in marketing popups to help our users boost their sales with the use of popups. She loves digital marketing and the way you construct strategies for improving the rates of your website. They write articles mostly about ways of increasing website conversion rates and boosting sales for eCommerce websites with digital marketing campaigns. The key point about our articles is that they consider user practices which can promote or affect the website conversion rates and result in decreasing of your sales.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about top tips and tactics to run a clever digital marketing strategy and stretch your advertising budget further.

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