The Need For Social Media And Traditional Media Campaigns To Go Together

combine social media marketing and traditional advertising

Focusing only on one marketing campaign is not a good idea. It is like placing all your eggs in the same basket. If you drop the basket, everything will break. It helps if you diversify your campaigns so that even if one of them did not turn out as you hoped, your marketing plans would go on. 

If you decide that it is best to start an online campaign to advertise the products and services offered, you can go ahead. You have tons of choices that include article marketing, social media campaigns, email marketing, and many others. If you want to try all these strategies, it is up to you. Decide based on what you think would be appealing to your target audience. 

However, you also need to couple your online campaigns with traditional marketing campaigns. You might need a pop up stand that contains information about your business. The seniors might appreciate this campaign because they grew up with similar ones. For young audiences, it is an excellent way to bring them back to the ads that you used to see while growing up. The novelty of the campaign might be enticing for them. 

Introduce Your Website Through Traditional Ads

Your two campaigns could go hand-in-hand though. For instance, you can include the link of your website or a QR code on the pop up stand. If potential customers need to find more information, they can visit the site. It is also easier to convince them to buy from the site if they already have some ideas about the business through the information read from the stand. 

Some People Do Not Go Online All The Time 

Check your target customers and find out where they usually get information. If a huge chunk of your target market includes seniors, you cannot expect them to go online to find details about the products they want to buy. They would rather read information in flyers and brochures. If you only have an online campaign, you are losing these potential customers. 

Online Campaigns Target General Audiences 

You do not know who will read the information you put out using online campaigns. You post ads on social media, and these ads could reach over 100,000 views. Sadly, a majority of them would not even care about what they read. Therefore, you need other advertising campaigns too which focus on the people who will most likely buy your products and services. Putting print ads in malls, schools and parks will target local audiences, and they could be the primary audience you need to reach out to. 

Be Creative 

You will not receive any assurance that either strategy will succeed. You need to be creative in thinking of the details. Whether you are posting an ad via Facebook or you are printing banners to hang in malls, you need the best content to convince people. It takes time to reach your goals, but you can succeed if you keep reminding people why they need to patronize your business.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the need for social media and traditional media campaigns to go together consistently for ad synergy.

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