Inbound vs Outbound Marketing And Combining Both

Inbound marketing is talked up a lot in today's marketing world, especially in relation to online marketing. Although it's often preferred over outbound marketing, it doesn't mean that outbound marketing can't still have its place. Combining the two types of marketing is often the best way to go for a successful strategy. Inbound marketing is all about drawing people in using less disruptive methods, while outbound marketing is a little more interruptive but can be good to grab people's attention. 

Try these tips for using the two different types of marketing together so that you can get the best of both worlds. 

Calling Website Visitors 

Combining inbound and outbound marketing often involves drawing in leads using inbound methods, then using outbound methods to follow up on them. For example, you might bring people to your website using SEO, PPC advertising and plenty of useful content. When they're visiting your site, you can use tools to identify them so you can get in touch more directly. By finding out in real time who is on your website, you can call them while they are still browsing to ask how you can help them. You can also wait for them to visit a couple of times and watch their progress before striking.

Email and Direct Mail Marketing 

Emails can play a part in both inbound and outbound marketing too. One way to gather emails is to offer content or ask people to sign up to your newsletter so that you can add their email addresses to your mailing list. Some people might also use a more direct method of getting business sales leads by buying email lists that work for their brand. These offer two types of email contact, both those who have asked to receive emails and those who haven't. The same can be said for direct mailing when you use physical addresses instead. 

Trade Shows and Events 

You can also use inbound methods of marketing, like offering content in exchange for email addresses, to offer further information to people who have requested it. The people who have voluntarily signed up to your email list might want to hear about things that fit into the outbound marketing category, such as trade shows and events. But because they have already expressed an interest in your brand, sending them an invitation is less disruptive than it could have been if they had received it out of the blue. 

Include Calls-to-Action in Outbound Methods 

When you use outbound methods, going for a hard sell can often backfire. People don't want to feel pressured into doing anything. However, gently offering a way for people to find out more information can be useful. You can include a call-to-action in your outbound marketing tactics, whether it's a print ad or a radio jingle. 

Tell people where they can download a white paper, listen to your podcast, sign up to your mailing list, subscribe to your YouTube channel, or just visit your website. 

Outbound marketing might sometimes seem out of date, but it's still very useful. Combine it with inbound to make better use of it.

I hope you enjoyed this article about inbound vs outbound marketing techniques and how to combine them both for optimal synergy.

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