Advantages Of Having Cubicles At Work

advantages cubicles office workspaces

The ideal modern office follows an open space plan. It supposedly boosts communication and collaboration among employees. 

So, are office cubicles a thing of the past? Office cubicles remain an efficient workplace solution, particularly if you have a big open space. 

In El Segundo, California, for instance, offices for rent with 5,000 square feet of space are the average. The rising rent in the city—and South Bay in general—does not dissuade businesses from setting up their headquarters or branches in El Segundo. According to Colliers, the rental rates went up for 22 consecutive months in 2018. 

How do you gather hundreds of employees in one area but still ensure they have privacy? Office cubicles! Benefits of Office Cubicles 

1. Create A Mental Switch 

Some employees who need extra motivation may benefit from this type of design. Once they sit down in their cubicle, their “work mode” is turned on. The mental switch will allow them to focus on their work without distraction. 

2. Give Employees Their Own Space

It is quite common for employees to decorate their cubicles with photos of the family, trinkets collected from travels, cards from colleagues, and other memorabilia. A visitor might pass by and see only clutter, but the employee knows how to find an item in the chaos. The cubicle will provide the employee with a space they can own. 

3. Reduce Tension 

Employees have their respective routines and habits, which might not be acceptable to everyone. The different personalities can be the cause of stress. Having a wall up to separate the employees will allow them to ignore people they do not get along with. 

4. Employees Can Rest Without Prying Eyes 

Another advantage of having privacy is you can rest your eyes a bit without being judged. It is also beneficial if you have visitors at work because they won’t be able to notice an employee sleeping. Having a nap at work benefits both the employee and the company as it helps reduce stress and boost productivity

When you think of office cubicles, the first image that comes to mind is a series of interconnected vertical wall panels that feel very closed-in and claustrophobic. 

However, the design has come a long way since then. When you see the designs of today’s modern office cubicles, claustrophobic is not the term you would use. 

Manufacturers are always thinking of finding the right balance between collaboration and privacy. Instead of thick panels, you have cubicles now that are partly made of glass so you can see your colleague next to you. The constant design innovations will only benefit the employees in the end. 

But whether you are choosing cubicles or the open space layout for your office, both designs should not be mutually exclusive. 


The best option is to strike a balance between providing your workers with their own space, without taking away people’s need to socialize. Fortunately, flexible workstation solutions are readily available today compared to a decade ago. You can find cubicles and office furniture that complement your office culture and your business goals.

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