5 Factors That The Best Corporate Videos Have In Common

factors best corporate videos

One of the most powerful ways to portray an organisation is a corporate video, and there are common factors that can be found in every successful production, which helps you in your quest to create the perfect short film that delivers your message in a powerful way. Here are aspects of a top-quality corporate video that are to be found in a successful production. 

1. Clear Objectives 

Any short video must have firm objectives, which might be to introduce your company, informing people of a new product line, or even describing the manufacturing process in some detail. Your goals should be set at the very outset, which is what video production Brisbane firms rely on have to offer, and such a production house would have an impressive client list, for added peace of mind. 

2. Short And Concise  

The ideal corporate video would run for between 10-15 minutes, any longer and you run the risk of losing the viewer’s attention. The World Wide Web has changed the way we ingest information, and people can very easily skip something and move onto another production, which they will do if it is too long and drawn out. There are few types of content that corporate videos can use, which makes for an eye-opening read. 

3. The Use Of Humour 

Humour is a great way to engage viewers, as everyone enjoys a laugh, and with visual humour, there are no language barriers, which makes it even more appealing. People empathise with a comical character, and while not every good corporate video has elements of humour, many do. Using humour has two main advantages; you are making people laugh and it allows you to use a soft approach, which is much preferred to the traditional salesperson angle. 

4. Focusing On Pain Points 

People who are looking for a product obviously have a need, and this should be used to engage the viewer in a positive way. Your short video highlights a common issue then offers a solution and this formula is a tried and tested way to engage the viewer. Your video comes across as informative and helpful, rather than trying to convince the viewer to buy your product, and people respond well to this approach. 

5. Effective Calls To Action 

These need to be placed in exactly the right parts of the film, and good calls to action are a very effective way to persuade a viewer to make a commitment. A good call to action tells a person how they can overcome the issue that the film has already highlighted, and there are many ways to achieve this.

what makes best corporate video

If you are looking to create a successful corporate video, take all of the above into account, and by using an established video production company, you can be sure that your new content will deliver your message in a very effective way. Once you have made contact with a good video maker, they will guide you through the creation process, while ensuring that you are kept informed at every stage of the production process.

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