Work Desk Organization Ideas To Make You More Productive

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Ready for a shocking statistic? 

Recent studies have found that the average American worker is productive for just over three hours of an eight-hour workday. 

Yes, taking breaks, enjoying your lunch, and being able to relax and goof off with your coworkers from time to time is important. 

However, we know you also wonder just how much more you'd be able to accomplish if you wasted less time while at the office. 

The truth is that the way your space looks and how well your desk is organized is directly linked to your productivity. 

Read on to learn about some of the top work desk organization ideas that won't eat up a whole afternoon -- and will help you to become much more productive as a result.

1. Clean Out Your Desk Every Friday

First of all, the best way to keep your desk clean and organized is to get into a routine. 

Every Friday right before you leave for the weekend (or on your final workday of the week) do a quick cleanup of your desk. Organize your papers, toss out any scraps and paperclips you no longer need and use a disinfectant wipe on your headset, phone, and desk surface.

Coming back to a clean desk makes Monday morning much less stressful. 

You could even leave a quick sticky-note to yourself about your most important three tasks that you need to accomplish on Monday when you return to work. Knowing what's ahead helps to boost your productivity right away.

We're willing to bet it will also chase away the "Sunday Scaries."

2. Use Your Wall Space

Especially if you're trying to understand how to organize a desk without drawers, you need to focus on your wall space. 

Ask if you can install some simple shelves on your wall, or even get a small standing bookcase or file cabinet to sit in your cubicle and hold your stuff. 

Consider putting a few small air plants on those shelves, too. 

Not only do they purify the air, but they also boost your mood and can help to improve your focus. 

Add an erasable calendar to the wall to help you keep track of appointments, and add a corkboard for important papers and reminders. 

3. Face Your Desk Towards a Window

Natural light has been proven to increase workplace productivity and keep people happy while they're at work. 

If you can, make sure your desk has plenty of exposure to natural light, and ask if you can remove any blinds or just lift them up for most of the day.

Consider broaching the topic of working with professional office furniture and organization companies like Gebesa.

Not only will they help improve your office layout, but you'll also be able to invest in ergonomic office furniture that improves your health and increases your productivity.

4. Surround Yourself with Motivation

Especially if you work in a commission-based job or a position where you have to make a lot of cold calls, we know it can be insanely tough to keep up the motivation. 

Sometimes, you just get tired of repeating the same script over and over again and consistently hearing the word "no." (We're willing to bet you also get tired of putting up with those annoying coworkers who just can't seem to take a hint.) 

That's why one of the most encouraging work desk organization ideas is to put a few pictures of the things that motivate you on your desk. It could be a picture of your family, a photograph of that dream destination you're saving up to travel to, or even a poster of a musician you'd like to see in concert. 

You can also tuck motivational quotes into your desk drawers to read when you need a little zen (check out this quote compilation for some of our favorites.)

5. Get Some Drawer Dividers 

If you're still struggling with how to organize your desk at work, one of the best ways to make your space look less cluttered is to wrangle in all those pesky office supplies. 

Pens, highlighters, tabs, staples, and paperclips can look cluttered quickly. 

First, grab some drawer desk dividers that create sections for each specific supply. This makes it easy to find what you need and banishes clutter. 

You can also grab sleek pencil cups to store smaller office supplies, and even use printed photo boxes to store sensitive documents, extra paper, and other things you use at your desk.

6. Wrangle Cables

Finally, one of the best office cubicle organization ideas doesn't involve anything complicated -- but it makes a huge difference. 

Especially if you work in close quarters or have an open office, then you know firsthand just what a mess that telltale pile of cords can create. 

Get rid of the problem once and for all by investing in a cable tie that will bundle all of your cords into a simple strand. No more untangling for hours trying to figure out which cable goes where!

Try These Work Desk Organization Ideas Today

You don't have to spend tons of time and money in order to give your office an awesome makeover. 

Instead, use the simple work desk organization ideas on this post to transform your space and help you to get more out of every workday. 

Looking for more ways to save on things like office supplies, lunches, or even work events? Want to know other ways that you can boost your productivity while you're at work? 

Our blog is here to help. Bookmark it to make sure you're always in the know about the best ways to save. 

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