10 Team Building Ideas for Your Small Business

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Is your team a little out of sync? Or maybe you just see opportunities for growth.

When your team cares about each other and they enjoy working together, it doesn't only make them happier -- it makes your company healthier. Your small business team can become more of a family if you learn how to foster these relationships.

You don't want to keep doing the same activities over and over so you're looking for team building ideas that will keep everyone engaged. Continue reading this article to learn about team building ideas for employees that they will love.

Must-Know Team Building Ideas

You know the importance of team building but it doesn't always come easy. These ideas will help you kickstart your efforts or keep you rolling on the path of success.

Why Are Team Building Activities Important?

You may not be sure if team building activities are a good use of your company's budget and time. Think again.

Companies that have employees that enjoy seeing each other at work experience less turnover. Your employee/employer relationship will be stronger and the entire company will reap the benefits.

When everyone is getting along and familiar with each other there are fewer conflicts. Employees are also more productive when they feel they are part of something bigger and that the other people care about them.

Now you know why team building activities are important so let's get into those ideas.

1. Cooking Activities

Most people have a love of food. Corporate team building cooking activities are a great way to get the team together bonding over food.

If you want to add some fun in the mix, add some competition. Nothing says relationship building like a little friendly competition.

Break your employees up into small teams and give them special instructions about their cooking challenge. You might choose to do a couple of small challenges or you might have one all-out challenge where everyone keeps the same team throughout.

If you don't want to make the cooking activities a competition, you could ask people to bring their favorite recipes to share and cook with their assigned team. Not only will everyone have a lot of fun but people will learn new recipes they can enjoy with their families.

2. Scavenger Hunts

We're not talking about modern-day scavenger hunts like Pokemon Go on your phones. We're talking about a real-life scavenger hunt around the city.

You can have a lot of fun doing these activities with your employees. Not only will they have fun, but they will also get fresh air and exercise. You can make the scavenger hunts as long or short as you'd think people would be into them.

You can also have prizes so that people will be ready to go out to win the game.

3. Board Game Off

Do you have board game masters at your company? People can get pretty serious about their board games and you can use this to your advantage.

Have a board game tournament with the most popular board games so everyone can show off their mad skills.

If you want to keep it simple, have a vote and bring it down to one game that everyone wants to play to win the title of board game master. We recommend that you don't pick Monopoly since it can take a very long time to play.

Think Jenga or a game with a similar playtime.

4. Trivia Fun 

Bring everyone together with an all-time favorite. You never know who is a Star Wars or movie buff until you get the trivia out.

You'll quickly find that people are more than happy to dab on their neighbor when they get the answer right. Make the game more interesting by offering small prizes for the teams that get the most points.

5. Go-Karting

If go-karting doesn't get the blood flowing and the excitement going then you're in trouble. Go-kart riding is a fun and competitive experience. You'll see who is the go all-out personality and who just wants to make it to the finish line.

6. Escape Rooms

Perth escape rooms are becoming all the rage. If you haven't been in an escape room yet, you might want to give it a try before you send your whole team into it. You'll be a much more excited promoter if you know what you're getting people into.

Escape rooms allow your team members to exercise leadership and teamwork. Not only will your team exercise leadership and teamwork but they'll also need to flex their patience muscle throughout the escape room.

The escape room experience is when you and your group are locked into a room for one hour. In that one hour, you have to figure out the clues to find the key that will get you out of the room.

It's not an easy-to-do task and only a few people make it out of the escape rooms. If your team makes it out -- pure geniuses.

7. Laser Tag

Another fun and active experience is laser tag. If you have a bunch of Star Wars fans in your office, they're so in and you know it. Even non-Star Wars fans will be glad to zap a few of their co-workers.

Laser tag is a fun event that will allow your employees to bond and get some exercise as well.

8. Volunteering

Going out to help in the community isn't just a great thing for the people your employees are helping. It's also a great thing for your employees because they will bond over the time they spend together doing something good.

Volunteering is good for the mind and heart. When people get together to do something good, that's a bond like no other.

Whether you set your team up to volunteer to build homes, help at a soup kitchen or other volunteer tasks, these all are great ideas for getting the team on the same page.

9. Kayaking or Canoeing

Who doesn't love to get out on the open water and enjoy some fresh air? There might be a few but the majority of your team is going to love this activity.

If you have people that are afraid of the water, you can always set up an activity on the shoreline so people can get together there and play games or do some other activities.

Kayaking and canoeing is a great way to get people to work together as a team. It's a good leadership exercise as well since someone is going to have to guide everyone to the destination.

Keeping your employees active and healthy can be a real chore but this activity will really help them get a workout in a fun way.

10. Trampoline Park Fun

It's not just kids that enjoy trampolines. After all, didn't we grow up on trampolines?

Trampoline parks are a great place to jump off any stress from the week before. Bouncing a coworker up to dunk a basket in the basketball hoop can be a really great stress release.

You can rent the entire trampoline park for your company so you aren't fighting against the children that are trying to get their jump on.

There are always party rooms in the back if you want to have food and drinks to keep everyone refreshed. You might choose to only have food like cheese and crackers or fruit. Many times these trampoline parks have packages that allow you to have pizza and drinks there at a discount.

Getting the Team Together

Now that you have these ideas, you've likely thought of a few other things you might like to try. 

Getting your employees excited about whatever activities you choose is important.

You don't want people to feel like they have to go do these things. You want them to feel like they get to do these things and be glad that you do these things for the company.

Don't only have the top leadership promote these events. Make sure they are adopted in middle management and all the way down so everyone is on the same page and excited when the time comes.

Get people to volunteer to help with different tasks and this will help you get more people to show up. Break up tasks as small as you can so everyone will have something to do.

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