Top Tips On How To Find Professional Long Distance Moving Company

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Sooner or later, you might be planning to move long distances. When that day comes, you'll want to find a professional long distance moving company. Finding companies is easy, but finding and choosing the best one is another story. With that said, below are a few tips on finding the best professional long distance moving company. 

Services Offered 

First, find a long distance moving company that offers the services you need now and might need in the future. For example, if you run a business or plan on running one, then choose a company that offers both commercial and residential moves. Other services a company should provide include packing services, storage services, and heavy equipment/furniture moving, to name a few. 

In general, the more services a company offers the better. Some only provide basic moving services. Others provide more extensive, which is why it's important to find out exactly what services are offered. 


What kind of experience does the company have? Are they expert at long distance moving? Choose a professional moving company that has plenty of experience with conducting long distance moves. Not all companies have experience with long distance moves, which means they may put your stuff at risk if you decide to hire them. 

Also, experience doesn't refer to how many years they've been in the moving business. It refers to how many customers they have helped move long distances within the last few months or years alone. An expert long distance mover who has helped dozens and dozens of clients within the last few months will have more experience than the company who hasn't helped many. 

Equipment Used 

Learn about the equipment used during the long distance moving process. Does the company use up to date equipment, and is the equipment of high quality? If so, then this is a good sign and if the equipment is old and outdated, then it should be well-maintained. 

The bottom line is the equipment used should be of high quality. This goes from anything from moving trucks to tools to anything else they use in the moving process. If a company uses low-quality equipment, then your stuff may be put at risk during the move. 

Licensed & Insured 

Always hire a long distance moving company that is appropriately licensed to do business. Any reputable company will have no problems showing you their license. While you're at it, check to see if they are insured because if they aren't, then this is a bad sign. Moving insurance means your belongings are covered in the event; something goes wrong while it is being handled and transported during the moving process. 


Another thing to look for is guarantees, as some long distance movers provide guarantees on their services. Some do this to give their customers additional peace of mind, but not all companies offer a guarantee. The best movers do, or they will offer something like a guarantee. 

If a company doesn't provide a guarantee, then do they provide excellent customer service? Contact them with questions and concerns. They should be more than willing to answer any questions you have or address your concerns. If they give you a problem, the chances are they don't provide good customer service, and you shouldn't use them. 


Request a few quotes from long distance movers and find out exactly what's included. Are they affordable, or do they seem like they charge too much? Either way, you want to compare as many estimates from moving companies before settling on one. 

Also, do they offer discounts? If not, then ask them if they do or ask them if they match the prices of their competitors. On that note, the cheapest company isn't always the best, and the same goes for the more expensive companies. 

Read Reviews 

Finally, read a few reviews on the company's website and third-party sites. Only check out reviews on websites that have verified that the reviews are from real customers. What are past clients saying about the long distance movers you're researching, and are the majority of reviews positive in nature? If so, then this is a good sign, and you should consider using the company. 

Are the majority of reviews bad? If so, then question the moving company about them. If their answers make sense, then the reviews might not be justified. Otherwise, think twice about hiring a long distance mover that has dozens of negative reviews about them, but only have a handful of good ones. 

When it comes to finding and choosing the best professional long distance moving company, you want to choose one that offers the services you need and might need in the future. Reading reviews is a good idea, and choosing a company that uses good equipment is another good idea. Keep those tips and the others in mind if you want to find a good moving company.

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