What Does A Moving Company Do?

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Perhaps the most obvious answer to that question is that a moving company moves. They move you, your belongings, and everything else. It is a job that requires some serious strength and very strong morals. But what actually happens during a move? What can you expect from your professional moving company? While services differ from company to company, there are three things that never change. Let's take a look. 


When you hire a moving company, you have two options. You can self-pack, which will cut down on the cost, or you can allow the moving company to pack your belongings for you. When dealing with a corporate relocation, few companies allow pre-packing to occur with the client. Check with your company for further information, since every company has a slightly different procedure. 

Prior to moving day, the company will send an inspector to the residence or business to look over the items being moved. The inspector estimates the number of boxes needed, the number of movers needed, and if you haven't attained one already, a financial estimate for the move total. This is usually based on a combination of the weight of your belongings and the distance being traveled. Someone moving a studio apartment across town will pay far less than someone moving a family across the country. 


The process of shipping can be a long one. If you are moving overseas, your crates will be loaded onto a ship and shipped across the ocean. If you need to send things ahead at a faster rate, some moving companies offer flighted shipments. However, these are often at a very high cost and limited availability. 

For moves closer to home, your moving company should provide you with a full itinerary of where your shipment is and where it will be. You may or may not receive tracking numbers, so hold on to that itinerary. If you have not received your shipment by the date quoted, contact your moving company. 

On occasion, some moving companies will use third-party shipping vendors. For instance, you may be using a local moving company with a partner at your new residence across the state. Neither moving company runs their trucks in the direction you are moving, so they contact a trucking company to move the cargo for them. Ask if this is the case and inquiry about the insurance policies of all companies involved. 

Ultimately, your belongings will be placed in a large wooden shipping crate or in a box truck shipping crate. These will be unloaded at your place of business or new residence upon arrival. 


Getting things out of your old house is easy. Since those items had to get in there in the first place you know they fit through the doors. 

Delivering your belongings to your new house is trickier. We have one big suggestion for you here: do not help your movers

Moving Forward

They are wonderful people, professionals, and they know what they're doing. Their company trusts them. And you know what? If they can't make your china cabinet fit through the door of your new home without breaking the glass on the door handle, they are responsible for repairing it. If you assist the moving company, you may become liable for any damages even if they are not your fault. 

It's great that you want to help them and they appreciate it. For the sake of your belongings, do not touch anything until everything has been delivered. Until you sign for your shipment, the moving company is responsible. Let them do their jobs. 

I Like To Move It Move It

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post about what a moving company does and how to ensure your move goes smoothly and safely.

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