9 Fundraising Products You Can Make Easily

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Whether you're a business that's looking to raise money for a new venture or a nonprofit organization in search of more financial support, fundraising is a great way to get things going in that direction.

There are several ways to go about fundraising, but none more rewarding than using fundraising products to use during your campaign.

If this is your first time using them during a fundraiser, you may be looking for different product ideas to incorporate and try to be more individualistic.

Here is a list of different things to consider for your fundraising sales and why they may be a good match for your initiative.

1. Shirts

Starting out with possibly the most common product to use for any fundraiser, shirts can be an incredible asset to your company/organization for several reasons.

First, there are few products more justifiable to buy in a person's mind than a t-shirt. Whether you're wearing them out or just using them as a bedtime shirt, everyone needs them.

Secondly, they're an awesome marketing tool for your cause. Every shirt you sell is a walking billboard for your business.

Best of all, they're entirely customizable and inexpensive to buy in bulk. Your company won't have to fork over a ton of money, and the return you'll get can be substantial.

Not only are people helping with your cause, but they're also getting a unique shirt in return... that's a win-win scenario for everyone involved!

2. Lapel Pins

Want a classy way to show off your initiative and create a product that everyone will want to get their hands on? Have some lapel pins created.

Lapel pins are another inexpensive product to make with huge upside and promise to be a hot commodity during your fundraiser. People love to collect them and they can be used for Gala's, fancy dinners, and even at theatre plays.

Much like shirts, lapel pins are also a great marketing tool as they spark conversation from those unfamiliar with the logo or symbol that's attached.

Find out more about the ways lapel pins can help you raise the finances you need.

3. Cookie Dough Tubs

Who doesn't love a good tub of their favorite cookie dough flavor? Time to channel your inner girl scout and sell these things like hotcakes.

There's a reason it's one of the most cliche fundraisers in history: it works!

People of all ages and sizes have an interest in treating themselves to cookie dough, and if you offer variety, they're bound to find a flavor (or two) that they love.

Spread a little cheer while you fundraise and reap the benefits on both sides.

4. Coffee Mugs

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, people are constantly looking for caffeine intake (whether coffee or tea) to keep them sharp. Everyone is on the search for a good-looking mug to pour that caffeine into.

This is a great opportunity for your fundraiser to capitalize by offering customized coffee mugs with your logo on it.

Everyone has that "go-to" coffee mug at their office desk, give them the opportunity to make your mug their go-to mug.

5. Coffee Beans

Alright, so, you've got the custom coffee mugs, now you just need to give them something to fill it with.

Today's typical coffee drinker loves to branch out and try new coffee blends. So if you were to offer one for your fundraiser, chances are you'd have plenty of takers.

You could also sell the coffee beans and mug in a set and charge a bit more to receive more profit off of the two combined.

6. Water Bottles

Are you planning to set up a tent at local outdoor events and pitch your fundraiser to the community?

If so, buy water bottles ahead of time for the event, and sell them to people as they walk around all day looking at the different tents in the heat.

You'd be surprised how quickly the funds will pile up after one full day of customers walking around in the sun. If you don't want to sell them, then still use the water bottles as a way of drawing people to the tent and hear your pitch.

7. Dog Treats

What better way to touch a client's heart than by providing a treat for man's best friend?

Whether you have the treats made by a local dog treat company or bake up some of your own recipes, they can be a great way to trade off goods for funds.

Be sure to not have this as the only fundraising product you have, as you'll miss out on anyone that doesn't have a dog or isn't a pet person.

Getting dog treats to sell will also reveal a personality to your business or organization, everyone associates kindness with those that love animals.

8. Keychains

If you're solely looking for ways of marketing your logo after the product is sold, a keychain can be a cheap and efficient way to go. 

Keychains give your clients a useful item they'll use every day and a unique way to show off some style on their key rings. People love finding ways to express themselves, and a keychain is an underrated way to do just that.

This can be as elaborate as a screen-printed keychain or as simple as unleashing a DIY keychain grind-out sessions to keep the overhead low.

9. Custom Koozies

With the craft beer industry skyrocketing, there's more of a need for fun and creative koozies than ever before.

They keep your drink cold and show off some flare at the same time, and people love them.

Koozies are cheap to make, come in several different variations and are completely customizable. A perfect fit for your marketing and fundraising endeavors while providing a great service... keeping people's drinks refreshing.

Fundraising Products Are a Blast!

Regardless of which of these fundraising products you end up going with, you're going to enjoy the process of creating them.

Be sure to check back with the Bootstrap Business Blog often for the best info on all kinds of business industries.

Good luck with your fundraiser! Hopefully, it's as profitable as it is enjoyable for you and your team.

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