How to Create a Daycare Business Plan

how to start daycare business plan

If you're interested in running a daycare business, look no further.

Many people want to start a daycare center because they love being around children and it allows them to earn good money. However, some people don't take precautions when they quit their day jobs and decide to open a daycare.

If you make a daycare business plan, you'll be prepared to start a daycare because you'll know what you need. Making one is as simple as thinking about the requirements and investing wisely in your preschool childcare company.

Read on to learn how to start a daycare business with a plan.

Obtain the Proper Licenses and Permits

Because daycare centers are businesses, you will have to get licenses and permits to be able to start one. Depending on where you live, you'll need to get a permit based on how many children you'll care for at your daycare center.

Some states don't require a permit if you're caring for less than 5 children. You'll also have to pass basic requirements such as having enough physical space, following proper fire regulations, and being trained.

Look into your state's requirements to find out if you need to get a business license for your daycare. If you require a business license and don't get one, you'll run the risk of getting large fines with your daycare business.

The Location for Your Daycare

To start a daycare, you need to decide where you will operate and whether the location is sufficient enough. Many people start running a daycare out of there home but this isn't a possibility for everyone.

Keep in mind that if you use your home as a daycare, you could be putting your property at risk of damage. Depending on how many children you're caring for, it can be difficult to control everyone at once.

Your facility should be large enough for several children to move around without feeling cramped. You also need windows in every room so that you are following basic safety procedures.

Most daycare centers have several rooms designated for different things. You'll want at least a room where the children can play and one for your employees to go to when they're not working. You'll also want to have basic medical supplies on hand in cases of emergencies.

Hire Experienced Employees

When you start taking on more children, you'll need to hire employees to manage them. Daycare employees must be great around kids. You can't hire a negative person because they'll ruin the atmosphere of the daycare.

It is best to hire someone that has experience working with children. Whether that person was a teacher or previously worked in a daycare, any experience with children will ensure that they understand how kids function.

Children typically have a lot of energy, so your employees must be able to calm them down and stay composed. Those that are inexperienced won't know what to do, letting your daycare become a chaotic nightmare.

When you start hiring, be sure to look at the resumes of all applicants. You should be looking for anything relating to children, and previous daycare experience is a major plus. 

Daycare employees should be enthusiastic and reflect the energy that children have. You can learn more about how to find an employee that is suitable for your daycare in our HR section.

Plan a Daycare Budget

Everything that you do during the startup process will affect your bank account. Buying a facility, hiring employees, and getting licenses will all cost money. Before you start a daycare, you need to plan your budget.

It's wise to have enough money to support yourself while running the daycare for several months. You should also keep an emergency fund in case something comes up in your daycare operation.

Should you buy a facility for your daycare, be sure to look into the property taxes and how much utilities will cost. You'll also want to buy things like toys, food, educational materials, and safety equipment for your daycare company. 

Plan to order essential equipment for your day care like baby monitors on this website here or buy baby monitors online now so you can better monitor sleeping babies, especially if your daycare has multiple rooms. You'll also want to find the best personalized children's labels to keep your daycare startup company more organized and professional.

When you're thinking about how to run your business, you'll want to decide whether you want to provide food or if the children should bring their own. If you will provide food, consider that when you are planning your budget.

Things like advertising will also cost money. Rather than spending a ton on local ads, you can advertise on social media, which has over 3.2 billion active users. You will be able to choose your target audience rather than hoping someone sees your ad.

Insurance will also take out a chunk of your money as you will need to cover the facility, your employees, and yourself. 

Set Your Daycare Tuition

One of the most important parts of running a daycare is setting tuition that parents will need to pay. The tuition will be your primary source of income, and you can offer a variety of plans based on different lengths of time.

If you would like, you can give discounts the longer a parent enrolls their child in your daycare. While flat rates are easy to remember, having different rates will encourage parents to enroll for a longer duration with you.

You will also need to accept various payment methods. If you invest in a credit card reader, you'll be able to accept cards in person. This will prevent parents from having to withdraw cash or pay online.

Put Together Your Daycare Business Plan Today

A daycare business plan should be designed to allow you to find success with your daycare startup. Planning things will save you money, time, and the hassle of having to go through extra steps with your care business.

By getting licensed, setting up shop at a good location, and hiring the right employees, you'll be able to efficiently run your daycare without any problems. Be smart about your day care tuition, as this can make or break a deal with parents.

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