5 Business Ideas For Work At Home Parents

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Deciding to leave your job to raise your children is not an easy decision to make. You will be able to look after your kids yourself and have peace of mind that they are well taken care of, but as they get older, they require less supervision and start going to school. 

At this point you might want to start doing something to gain an income to share some of the financial obligations your family has. But you want to work flexible hours so that you can still look be there for your children when they need you. Now is the perfect time to start your own business and work from home. 

We have put together a few possible business ideas that will put money in your pocket, as well as let you still have that quality time with your family whilst allowing you to work from home

Top 5 Work From Home Business Ideas For Parents

1. Day Care 

Offer day care services to other working parents in the community for a fee of course. Start by offering your babysitting services as a means of building up a client base and gaining some trust. Naturally you will need to do some research on the rules and regulations for opening a day care center in your region, as these tend to differ from place to place. 

Take a few courses in CPR and first aid so that you are equipped to attend to any medical emergencies that may arise while children are in your care. Also make sure that you have appropriate sleeping arrangements for each child that is at your center. Healthy meal plans will also be a big selling point for your business. 

To keep kids entertained, make sure you have enough age-appropriate games, preferably that will add educational value. This will get a positive response from parents knowing that their children will actually be learning something as well. 

Remember that this is a business so its important to practice good record keeping. 

2. Social Media Blogging 

If running around after more kids other than your own isn't your idea of a good time, then maybe try something a bit quieter like blogging. You will have the freedom to work at your own pace and write about what you feel. The job requires you to write about interesting things so you will have the perfect balance of being out with the kids and updating your social media. 

Through hard work and connecting with the right people you can get to the point of becoming a household name. At this point you will receive products to try out and review, requests for guest blog posts, and even possible freebies for endorsement. 

You’re most likely already sharing every precious moment you have with your little ones with your friends and followers on social media, so this shouldn’t be that much if a departure from your daily routine. 

3. Freelance Writing 

So, if you have your blog and it's going well, nothing is stopping you from pocketing some more change. You can offer your writing services to other blogs or publications on a freelance basis. There are plenty of content marketing and SEO agencies out there in need of writing, along with other business models and brands.

4. House Cleaning 

A cleaning business is a nice idea for a parent that works from home, especially if your child is of school going age. You can schedule your jobs during school hours so that you are done in time to fetch them from school later. You will have to invest money in equipment to get your business off the ground. Products will include detergents and other cleaning materials. One of your major investments will be a vacuum cleaner that will get the job done fast and efficiently. Allgreatvacuums.com has a helpful array of reviews and advice to help you find the right vacuum for your cleaning service. 

5. Gardening 

Just like a cleaning service, gardening is something that many people love but due to a busy lifestyle, end up putting off. You can provide these people with a solution by offering them your gardening services. Again, this is something that you can schedule during school hours if your kids are of school going age. 

You will need to acquire your own gardening tools. Things like rakes, shovels, leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and wheelbarrows will make your job so much easier. 

Make Money Working From Home

By working at home, you certainly get access to the best of both worlds when raising kids. We hope our ideas have given you inspiration to start a business yourself!

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