Speedy Delivery: 5 Shipping Efficiency Tips for Businesses

shipping efficiency tips for businesses

While product and service are often seen as the top priorities of a business, shipping and handling are also key to customer satisfaction and to building strong client bases. Whether your business focuses solely on shipping products or it is built around both local and long-distance sales, you need to find ways to improve your shipping efficiency. This can impact your overall costs, your time management and your sales forecasts. 

Keep Handling Time Short 

The amount of time your business spends in picking and packing the item has a great deal to do with shipping efficiency. The faster you can get your package into the transporter’s hands, the sooner your customer will get it. Plus, if you can get your items out the same day, you may be able to pay for only ground shipping versus one or two-day air. 

Keep Top Products near the Packing Station 

Unless your packing and shipping warehouse is mostly automated, human efficiency is key. You probably have several products that are top sellers and that are frequently picked and shipped. Keep these near the main packing station to eliminate wasted time in picking them. Prioritization is key!

Use Standard Shipping Materials 

Many shipping companies charge certain amounts for sizes and shapes of boxes. Invest in several box sizes that are standardized to eliminate excessive inner packing materials as well as the chance of overspending on a box that is a couple of inches too big for the lower rate. Plus, standardized boxes can speed up the packing process by giving packers fewer options. 

Keep Shipping and Delivery Vehicles in Prime Shape 

If you have vehicles for making your own deliveries, they are key to your shipping efficiency. A fleet of older trucks that break down frequently increases your costs, slows down shipping speeds and leads to wasted time repacking your boxes into new trucks when one breaks down on the road. Invest in regular maintenance and replace older trucks with newer models. The newer trucks will eventually pay for themselves. 

Give Customers Real-Time Shipping Options 

Depending on the size and style of your business, you may offer several different types of shipping options. However, consider linking your website to shipping carriers that will be able to give real-time costs for shipping based on the size and weight of what is being ordered. This will let you be a bit more off the hook by letting customers choose exactly how fast they want their items to get to them. Once again, your own business’s handling time is vital here. 

Based on your type of business and on what types of items you are shipping, you will need to determine how you charge for shipping. You might choose free shipping, flat-rate shipping fees or real-time shipping fees. However, the most important part is how quickly and safely you can get your product to your customers. Organizing the shipping and package tracking efficiently will keep your entire company running smoothly, from productions to customer service.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about methods to maximize efficiency with product shipping for your business.

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