4 Creative Marketing Tips for a Hardware Business

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Owning a hardware store is more challenging than ever. You’re competing against the big-box stores, that function as one-stop shops for contractors and DIYers alike.

It’s harder for the smaller stores to compete, and the independently owned stores may be going away before you know it.

How can you increase awareness and make your hardware store thrive?

Check out these marketing tips for your hardware business.

1. Focus on Service

One area where independent hardware businesses can compete against the big-box retailers is in service. How many times have you gone to a big-box store and wandered around aimlessly trying to find one small item?

It’s a common frustration that many of your potential customers experience. What can you do differently? Give customers a better experience as soon as they walk in the door. Greet them and ask them what they are looking for.

When they answer, you take them right to the product they’re trying to find. It can be a heavy duty caster You can ask additional questions about their project and give them advice. 

That type of service and personal attention is unheard of at big-box stores. It’s a way to make customers come back to your store again and recommend your business to their friends.

2. Target a Specific Audience

Big-box stores try to target everyone with their marketing. You should have a specific niche you want to target.

You can target DIYers or people who are working on specific projects. For example, you may specialize in helping people with kitchen remodels. You can have fixtures and tools DIYers would need to complete the project.

Another popular area would be landscaping and gardening. This would make your business seasonal, but you can always prepare for that.

3. Invest in the Right Marketing

There are more options to market your business than ever before. You want to make sure that you choose the right ones for your business.

One area that you have to invest in as a local business is SEO. This will help your business get found when customers are looking for a hardware business online. The first place they’ll turn to is a search engine.

You can also invest in your local community by joining networking groups and your local chamber of commerce.

4. Communicate with Your Customers

You may have just received a shipment of garden tools at your business. You want to let your customers know what you carry at all times, which you can do via email.

Building and maintaining an email list will let you keep your customers up to date on your inventory and remind them about your business.

Marketing Tips for Hardware Stores

There are more challenges for hardware businesses than ever before. There’s a lot of competition, and there are much larger corporations coming for precious market share.

You want to put your hardware business ahead of the competition, no matter how big they are. You can do that by using some of the marketing tips listed here.

Your main advantages are service and expertise. When you make your customers feel important and you show that you’re reliable, you give them little reason to go elsewhere. 


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