Brand Building: Tips on Creating Brands From Scratch

brand building build brands from scratch

Are you looking to build a brand? Do you want a step by step approach to follow? Brand building is easy when you approach it the right way. For example, when making friends likely you think about what you love and if your friends are a great fit, right?

Brand building at its foundation may be approached the same way. First, it's about knowing yourself and what your brand stands for. Then, you look to make friends with people that share your passion and purpose or benefit from it. You regularly practice and improve your communication and listening skills.

These are the core steps to brand building foundationally. From this base of brand building, you focus on a strategy, structure, and systems. After you figure out who you are and why you exist, you align the online and live experiences step by step.

Brand building isn't easy but everyone has to start somewhere. If you're struggling to build your brand, make sure you check out this guide.

Brand Building

Build your brand step by step from the inside out. Begin with your passion and purpose. Determine what your mission is. Outline your vision. Figure out who you are serving and what problems you solve. These are all core elements in brand building.

Who are the friends, or target customers you want to serve? Get clear on who you are talking to so you know how to communicate their language. Once you get these parts clear, the transition to strategy, structure, and systems start to happen.

The foundations of brand building online start with a website, social media, and listings online typically. You start to think about brand building online. Likely, this will start with your website strategy with your home, about and contact page to start. 

Your social media may start early-on with a particular channel to help you start brand-building step by step. This may expand to other channels or influencer marketing depending on what your strategy is.

These foundational elements lead to determining what you offer and how you will connect with your community. For example, do you offer services online or live? How do you introduce people to your services? Do you have freebies, webinars, or demos?

Your online presence with your website and social media will jump-start brand building. Your friends or target markets and how you introduce them to your product and service offerings will be next. The ways you track your progress forward will help make sure you are making the progress you want.

That's why it's important to have a strategy, structure, and systems when it comes to brand building effectively.

Set Up a Strategy

It's important to set up a strategy when it comes to brand building. Step by step you want to have all the moving parts in place.

A strategy for brand building may include:

  • Website Building and Pages
  • Social Media Channels
  • Products and Services
  • Connecting with a Community

These are four key elements to think about when you are setting up a strategy for brand building. It's important from the beginning to set up a culture of buy-in and accountability.

If you treat your business like a hobby that's what it will stay. If you treat it like a business and track key performance indicators regularly, that's what it will become.

Some examples of key performance leading indicators for brand building may be:

  • Website pages complete and a deadline
  • Social media channels and growth weekly
  • Website metrics and bounce rates
  • Products and Services Set Up and Pricing
  • Freebies, Demos, and Trade Shows

This will help you and your team get and stay in the mindset of traction with brand building from the very beginning. You will create a culture of results.

Create a Strong Structure

Once you get the basics down for your strategy, now think about your structure for your brand. Does it make sense for your team and for your community? For example, how do customers find you? 

How do they get introduced to offerings? How does that translate to sales?

A Strong Structure includes:

  • Online presence with freebies and opt-ins
  • Social Media consistency and promotions
  • Invitations to experiences or demos regularly
  • Events, promotions, or other ways to engage

It is often said the results you have now are a result of the last 90 days in sales. Evaluate your actions and activities. It isn't enough to set targets, the actions must be aligned to the targets consistently. This is where the structure comes into play.

Here is where you ask and see what happened this week online? What happened in person? How many people are interacting with you live? How are people transitioning to be clients? Are the metrics growing? These are all indicators leading to sales.

Ask your community for feedback. Track the time to sales. Present your offers simpler and easier so you get to results faster. Determine who stays in your community, who upgrades and who leaves. These lagging indicators are also important to track for brand building and retention long-term.

Implement Stable Systems

You may create an incredible passion and purpose-based brand with a strong structure. However, if your systems don't deliver, your sales won't happen or will decrease over time. 

It's important to have systems from your website to your email and delivery that provide a seamless customer experience. Systems may make or break your brand.

Any systems you implement, test drive them before sharing publicly. Ask providers what may happen if traffic increases exponentially. Get feedback from people on their client experiences. It is great to do this both online and live to brand building.

It isn't enough to simply brand build with strategy, structure, and systems that work. What stands out in every way is the customer experience and how they feel after interacting with you and your brand.

Make a choice to brand build with focusing on the customer experience in every direction. When you create a customer experience and a community, this will help you stand out right away. People will feel the love.

Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Brand

Brand building is a journey. The iconic brands of the world didn't just build their brand and stop.

They are constantly evolving and enhancing the brand and customer experience.

Take on this mindset and approach and you will build your brand like you never imagined.

What action will you take next with building your brand?

For more ways to build your brand online from scratch, keep browsing our site.

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