5 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Have you unexpectedly gotten a job offer out of state? Been notified of an opening in a retirement community you applied to? Need cash? Whatever the reason, you need a fast home offer. Fast!

Do you want to know how to sell your house in five days? Wow, that's a quick sale goal!

Let us help you achieve your goal by sharing the following five tips.

Five Tips for a Fast Home Offer

These are the tips we thought of. We'd bet you can think of more once you've begun your home-selling project.

1. Hire the Best Realtor You Can Find

And pick this person's brain endlessly. Ask for help prioritizing home-selling preparation tasks needed before listing. Ask about pricing the house. And listen carefully to any suggestions about staging the house in a hurry.

And get that Home for Sale sign up ASAP. No, better yet, make it Modern Home for Sale sign! It's all about spin, right?

2. Declutter Your House

We mean really declutter it. Possible buyers are not interested in any of your junk, especially if they have to climb over it just to get a view of the house and property.

If you have no space in the house (attic, basement, storage closets) to store everything but the larger pieces of furniture, then rent storage space elsewhere. The emptier a house is, the more appealing it will be.

3. Make All the Repairs You Can

Focus especially on things that are visible to potential buyers, such as paint touch-ups, fixing outlets and switches missing screws and/or plates, caulking bathroom fixtures, washing cabinet doors (and possibly adding a coat of stain or varnish) ...

And did we mention replacing burned-out light bulbs? Small repairs suggest bigger things. And try to fix anything that might be hidden, such as a leaky shower drain--it's just the right thing to do.

4. Replace Anything That's Worn Out or Filthy

Replacing old carpeting--especially if it's stained--will have a big impact. Plus the smell of new carpet makes a good impression. The smell of old carpet (especially where there are pets) makes buyers hold their noses and run away.

Consider the outside as well to increase your chances of a fast home offer. If there are dead bushes or plants in the front of the house, replace them. This doesn't cost a lot and will give interested buyers a good first impression as well as a good last one.

5. If You Need Another Option ...

Find a company that advertises with the slogan, "We buy houses." In other words, find someone who will take your house as-is and offer the fairest possible price for it.

Hopefully, you already will have spoken with a realtor about home prices to the extent that you will be able to distinguish a fair price from one that is inappropriate even to offer.

Following Through On A Fast Home Offer

If you live in a neighborhood with many modern and well-maintained houses, you should do OK even if yours does need some attention. Buyers often consider location just as much as the condition of the house when contemplating a purchase.

Remember too, though, that the more you have done to fix up your house, even small things, the better it will look to any buyer. And that could have an impact on the final sale price.

Why not contact a realtor right now, and maybe even a property management company as well, so you can get this whole process started. You can then get a fast home offer, and move ahead with everything else you need to do.

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