How Cryptocurrency Is Involved In The Gaming Industry

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Over recent years, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has seen its price fluctuate following its peak in November 2017 when it reached $19,000. In May of this year, the value of the cryptocurrency was subject to a rise in value which has taken its price to above $8,000, and this improvement equates to a value jump of over 60.8 per cent over the last few weeks alone. 

Following the recent growth of Bitcoin, it comes as no surprise that it is playing a much larger role in the already successful video game industry. Some of the largest gaming platforms started to accept Bitcoin, with Valve Corporation’s digital platform Steam being a leading example, but the platform’s support of the payment method was ended due to volatility in the cryptocurrency’s value. 

Whilst many people are aware of both Bitcoin and the video game sector, how the two integrate can still appear to be somewhat complicated and confusing. 

Following its 900 percent price rise last year, new online service providers have come to fruition as a result of the heightened popularity surrounding Bitcoin. With many users now predominantly operating online through virtual currency, businesses are constantly looking at ways to extend their services to accept cryptocurrency whilst still offering a popular product, such as video games. 

Such companies now allow prospective customers to exchange their Bitcoins for a selection of popular gift cards ranging from Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and even Steam, the largest PC gaming platform. As Bitcoin continues to grow and the gaming community continues to demand innovations and developments, it comes as no surprise that cryptocurrency is becoming more and more central to the video game industry. 

The online casino market is another area where we’re likely to see and, indeed, are already seeing the involvement and acceptance of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. 

It begins with the openness of such platforms to providing various payment methods to users. Mr Green, for example, is an award-winning online casino offering numerous games such as blackjack, roulette, slots and many more. 

Having already been combining such traditional payment types as PayPal and VISA with the newer Skrill and Neteller for some time, the platform provides an example of the industry’s general commitment to offering a whole host of possibilities – thus appealing to a wide range of prospective gamers. 

As the gaming industry continues to exceed the boundaries of traditional video games, it’s only natural that the demand for Bitcoin’s participation in the iGaming industry is being met just as positively: its many digital platforms are already at the forefront of what technology has to offer, in this and in so many other areas. 

Ultimately, the rise of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has influenced many worldwide markets with the video game sector being central to the ever-evolving era of virtual currency

As user demand for flexibility and integration grows stronger around ICO List, it is hardly surprising that many developers and service providers are seeking to capitalize on the currency’s recent surge in popularity. Despite fluctuations in the value of Bitcoin, as a result of its ever-growing status within contemporary society, it is unlikely that there will be a big step away from the virtual currency in the foreseeable future with many of its possibilities still yet to be fully explored, developed and integrated.

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