5 Tips To Write High-Quality Blog Posts

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Are you anxious because your articles aren’t converting? Worse still, you have tried all you know to no avail. It’s disappointing when you don’t see encouraging results after spending hours writing a blog post. And it’s more frustrating when you have invested your time, resources, and left other engagements to write. But hours, days, weeks, and months pass by, and still, you haven’t gotten any shares, likes, except for only a few clicks. 

According to My Writer expert, writing a high-quality blog post is not an impossible task, but a quite challenging one. So, what are the steps to follow to make your blog posts start converting? Let’s take a look at them for better blogging. 

1. Know Your Target Audience 

Stop guessing who your audience is, and what they like. Instead, make an effort to know and target your articles at them directly. The thing is, the main reason people might want to visit your blog is that they believe you have the solution to their problems. 

No one would like to visit a blog or spend time reading articles that are of no value to them. Time is precious, and everyone values it. And the good news is that identifying your target audience isn’t a difficult task. All you need is to dedicate some time and money to gain access to some premium search tools for specific periods. 

Now, here are some of the tools you can use to identify and understand your audience’s problems, as well as make the competitors’ analysis. 

- SEMrush 
- Quora 
- Twitter Advance Search 

If you haven’t been exploring these tools, then it’s time to start doing so. Using Quora, for example, you will find tons of questions in your niche, which your target audience is interested in. And this will help you generate some ideas regarding their possible problems, which you need to solve using your blog posts. 

2. Focus On What You Know Best 

How will you feel if a medical doctor starts talking about fashion all of a sudden? Of course, you will feel a bit skeptical. You may even want to verify every claim he makes. And no matter how much you try, you will doubt some if not everything you read on that blog. 

Similarly, when you write something that you don’t know too well, that is how your audience will feel. Therefore, if you want to build trust, which is essential, and want your blog post to be effective and convert, learn to choose a niche that you know like the back of your hand. 

But that does not mean that you have to stop researching if you are quite familiar with the niche, and, probably, the topic. You need to conduct in-depth research to ensure that your articles are both informative and helpful to your readers. 

3. Create Killer Headlines 

There is a popular saying that “you don’t judge a book by its cover.” But guess what, people will judge your blog posts or articles by their headlines. The thing is, every headline your post has is crucial and can determine the overall success of that post. If you don’t have a killer or captivating headline, there is a big chance that people won’t read your post. 

In fact, the people you are targeting won't have enough motivation to click on the link of your post when the headline doesn't appeal to them. But when the headline is captivating, they may want to click on it to see and read that valuable content. 

And remember that the headline is the first thing that your readers see before viewing the entire text. So, make sure you always create compelling headlines for your articles. 

How do you do it? If you want to write a great headline, start by creating numerous titles for one post. It could be three, four, or twenty articles for the same article, written in bullet points. Then use the Coschedule Headline Analyzer to determine the quality of each headline and choose the one with the highest score. This tool will help you rate the possibility of your headline being shared on social media, its SEO value, as well as the traffic. 

4. Include High-Quality Images In Your Posts 

People enjoy reading articles that have quality images. They help them to understand the article better, as well as return much of the information. And as a matter of fact, 90 percent of the data transmitted and stored in the human brain is visual. Again, the human processes visual data faster and better than plain texts. 

So, if you want to enhance the quality of your post, start using high-quality images. You can have plenty of them, but limit it to one photo per 150 words. Ensure they are relevant to the post or subtopics and choose only high-quality images. Additionally, if you can, include some infographics in your posts. 

5. Answer The Needed Questions 

If you want your articles to have higher social shares, engagements, and traffic, then you need to start doing the right thing. You need to invest more time into your articles, and ensure they are not published until you are satisfied with the quality. 

Most importantly, your article should provide a solution to your audience's problem. People are likely to share an article they find helpful because they believe it would help others. 


So, these are simple ways to create more effective and high-quality posts. Once you consider each step while creating your posts, things may change for the better. And you need to start doing the right things to perform better than your competitors. Remember that they aren't sleeping and are looking for ways to stay at the top. So, put in the same or higher amount of work into your articles to stand out from the crowd.

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