8 Things You Can Purchase With Bitcoin Today

what you can purchase with bitcoins who accepts cryptocurrency payments

Looking at the chronological timeline, the domain name of bitcoin.com got listed on August 18th, 2008. However, it wasn’t until January 3rd, 2009 that the cryptocurrency came into existence. On October 31st of 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto had written and published a paper titled Bitcoin: Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. Bitcoin began to gain popularity in the past decade, undergoing such rapid growth that the currency is now legit to be in place of coins in the real world, in many large companies. The use of bitcoins has become so popular that it is a possibility to buy a virtual gift card with Bitcoin. 

If you are the proud owner of Bitcoins, there are a few different places you can spend your cryptocurrencies. 

1. Jewelry 

Bitcoins can be used to purchase expensive items such as jewelry, gold, silver, and other precious stones and metals. Many large companies will now sell jewelry in exchange for bitcoin instead of traditional currencies. Some companies, such as JM Billion, will even offer discounts on jewelry paid for via bitcoin. 

2. Gifts 

Gift giving in the form of gift cards are quite popular. Some people choose to opt for gift cards over actual tangible rewards as it allows people to choose what they like best. There are websites available on the internet that will let you purchase gift cards for your loved ones. E-stores such as Etsy are quite popular in accepting cryptocurrencies as well as regular payments! 

3. Dating Sites 

Dating sites and applications are a common occurrence in the 21st century. It seems like everyone is using them, and everyone has access to them. Some sites give people premium access. It is especially good news for people who love to date! Some popular websites and online dating platforms such as OkCupid allows people to buy subscriptions to its platforms via Bitcoin. 

4. Air, Travel, Hotel Bookings 

In this digital age, who needs to physically collect air tickets, hotel bookings, and figure out transport? When everything is already in the palm of your hand, travel becomes more comfortable. Furthermore easier when cryptocurrency can is being used on popular websites for booking various travel necessities. 

5. Online Games 

Virtual gaming allows people to connect all around the world and compete for a joined cause, which is, to defeat other teams in an online quest! Popular gaming platforms such as Minecraft accept cryptocurrency as a payment for in-game purchasing! 

6. Food!

buy pizza bitcoin food companies accepting cryptocurrencies payments

Pizza, burgers, fries! Online payments are now also accepted on food delivery applications all around the world! With the advancement of technology, ordering food online and paying for it via bitcoins is far more common than we would expect! Delivery places will even allow you to pay for alcoholic beverages online via the cryptocurrency. Which means getting pizza with beers over the internet is becoming more comfortable with every passing day. Websites such as pizzaforcoins will accept bitcoin payments and deliver pizza straight to your home! 

7. Real Estate 

Whether you believe it or not, the real estate market is now a sector where bitcoins can be used to purchase luxury houses, townhouses, regular houses, you name it! There are websites with listings around the world where realtors allow you to buy real estate via online purchase through bitcoins. 

8. Anything! 

We have come a long way as human beings. From trading goods, barter trade, traditional money, online payments, and now to cryptocurrency! With this advancement, almost anything can be bought online through bitcoins. Many websites for luxury goods allow buyers to purchase almost anything online. You can now buy Bentleys, Bugatti’s, and Rolls Royce’s with the click of a button through bitcoins. 

Buy With Bitcoin

If ever there was a time of complete ease in terms of shopping, this is it. The 21st century has given us everything, including cryptocurrency, which may be virtual and intangible, but is a currency that is accepted anywhere in the universe that has access to the internet!

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