List Of Necessities To Bring When Going Camping

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You have to be prepared for any outdoor activities and this surely includes the things you have to bring when going camping. Going camping is fun, but it is totally different when you go camping with full enjoyment and ease. How can you enjoy camping, if you are missing some things that you need the most? For this reason, you should prepare a list for you that contains all the supplies you need for the activities you will do when camping! 

You have to organize gear and pack the ahead inside your camping bag. Other than that, you should also bring the necessary things your colleagues in the camp might need. For example, if you are going to camp with your family, then bring the necessities your kids will need. 

However, if you’re still in doubt of what supplies and gear you should bring with you, we’d love to help you with your problem! You can check the list of things below that would be very vital for your camping! 

1. Camping Gear And Shelter 

Camping gear and shelter should come first on your list! Remember that your safety and convenience are very important when going camping. If you’re using your car as a shelter, then you no longer need to bring a tent with you. This way, you will be more confident to sleep in the camp.

You can also bring with you a hammock if you don’t feel like sleeping inside the tent. If you enjoy being able to sleep under the stars, you could also bring with you a sleeping bag. A blanket should also help you protect your body from insect bites. But beware of rain and even potential flooding. Wise campers bring waterproof blankets with them on every campout in case of storms or floods. 

Furthermore, you can bring some foldable table and chairs which are essential when camping with the family. The use of a cellphone or tablet while in camp is important too! This can help you access maps and navigation. It is also useful for taking pictures with the use of a tablet bracket so that you can hold it firmly. 

These things mentioned should be included in your lists in order for you to comfortably survive your camping with less hassle. 


You should know what clothes to bring for your camping. Instead of bringing your favorite clothes, you have to carefully think of the comfortability it can give you while you are in the camp. Bring with you your clothes that have lightweight fabrics to resist the scorching heat of the sun.

Your whole body should be covered from the jacket, pants, socks, hiking boots or trail runners. Furthermore, you can bring sunglasses with you or anything that can protect you from whatever weather you may encounter in the camp. 

3. Toiletries And First Aid Kit 

You have to bring your toiletries to freshen up yourself. While your first aid kit should be your armor to stay focused and prepared against anything.

If your camping site doesn’t have any available toilet, it is important to bring a portable toilet with you. You also need to pack the hygiene products such as toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, alcohol, hand sanitizer, insect repellent lotion, tissues and more. 

Furthermore, your first aid kit should have supplies when an emergency happens, which includes the medicines you have to take if you are feeling ill while you are in the camp. Your mindset of being armed and ready will give you total peace of mind. 

4. Water And Food 

Right before you arrive in the campsite, you should plan or check ahead if there is a drinkable water supply such as a public water pump available in the camp. This way, you can be prepared to bring with you some water jars if the water is not available.

However, if there is a water supply such as a lake but can’t be drinkable, you can still use them for cleaning the dishes and other tasks at your campsite. You just have to be sure of bringing your drinkable water to fully prepare you from anything. 

Now let’s talk about the kitchen tools that you have to bring for cooking. You can’t expect a campsite to have a restaurant, so it is expected that you will cook your own meals. Aside from utensils, camping stove, cutting board, knife, and packaged food are the things you have to bring to fight hunger while you are in the camp. 

5. Fire Starters Or Lanterns 

When it is already dark, you can’t expect a camping site to have installed lights around. And this is what makes camping more beautiful. Being able to light your campfire and have late night talks around it, can be one of the camping memories you should never forget. 

The only thing you should bring with you is a fire starter or a lighter since woods can be found around the campsite. If you don’t feel like lighting a wood, you can also bring with you portable lanterns to light up the whole night.

Your lantern is not only an alternative to your campfire but you can also use it if you want to take a walk at night in the camp. This is very essential for you to fully access the camping site even when it is dark. 

Camping Conclusion 

Now that you have read the list of necessities when going camping, you can be sure that you will have memorable camping with all the right supplies and gear that will surely keep it enjoyable and hassle-free!

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