How To Make A Cinemagraph In 5 Simple Steps

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Cinemagraphs are basically mesmerizing illusions which make the viewers believe that they are watching animations; these are still pictures in which tiny or minor repeating movements occur. These are very popular nowadays and not at all hard to create. 

Here in this article, I will guide you step-by-step process to create a Cinemagraph. Let’s begin discussing more about cinemagraphs. 

1. Plan

As this is apparent, it is a step that you cannot skip. If you want the viewers to love your Cinemagraph, you need to decide the place, the subject, and all the actions that you want in the video like which part of the video will move and which will remain still. All these actions need some plan, so prepare your plan at first

2. Capture The Footage 

There are many methods of creating a Cinemagraph; no matter which one is going to suit you, you have to capture the footage beforehand. You need to make sure that the footage comes out crystal clear so that you need to set your camera in a way that it stays wholly focused and still, you cannot risk having any movements or another way you cannot have the desired 'frozen' effect. If necessary, secure your camera with a tripod and record at least 20-25 seconds of video to be sure that you can edit and loop the video. 

3. Editing 

You need to play the footage several times to make sure what to do with it. Editing the footage means cropping the video, setting the speed, covering the layers on each frame of the footage. This sound like a complicated task; however, it is not. There are many applications available right now to make it easy and quick for you while creating a Cinemagraph. 

4. Reversing

This is an optional step; you can change the way of how your Cinemagraph going to look. It can go as it means straight forward or it can go in reverse. Again with the help of applications, it can be done. 

5. Get Inspirations 

If you are in need of some inspirations; you can search the internet for some attractive Cinemagraphs and also you can watch some YouTube videos for the same. 

Cinemagraph Conclusion

What are you waiting for? Now it’s your turn to create shimmer in a sea of stills. Stand out from the stocks!

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