Why Short Term Apartment Rentals are Best for Business Travel

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Up to 30 million Americans travel frequently for work. When you stay somewhere for a few days, you need to decide which type of accommodation to pick.

Even though many business travelers stay overnight in hotels. Many people are looking beyond hotels for somewhere to stay.

If you want to get the most out of your accommodation, you should consider short term apartment rentals. 

Do you want to know more about why short stay rentals are perfect for business travel? Read the top five reasons below!

1. Sense of Being at Home 

People who consistently travel for business spend a lot of time away from home. Staying overnight in hotels can get depressing. 

The same impersonal hotel designs can be unpleasant to be around. By contrast, short term apartment rentals give you a personalized and furnished environment.

You can make yourself feel immediately at home.

Even if you're miles away, you can live normally in a short term rental. The closer you get away from living out of a suitcase the better you'll feel.

2. Improved Sleep Patterns 

When you arrive in your hotel room, you probably jump straight on the bed.

You may need to read a report before your meeting tomorrow. Or, perhaps you just want to relax and watch some television.

However, watching television in bed isn't helpful for getting a good night's sleep. You need enough shut-eye to perform at your presentation the next day.

You should reserve the bedroom for sleeping when you're away on business. But, this isn't usually possible in a hotel room.

That's why if you have an apartment rental, you can spend the evening in the living room or kitchen before bedtime. This will boost your productivity the next day.

3. Experience Local Life

If you're staying abroad or in a new city, you may want to take the opportunity to experience the local culture.

Instead of living in your hotel, you can feel like a local when you stay in an apartment. Apartments are also mostly located where real people live and go out. 

This is a great opportunity to mingle with the locals on the streets and the bars during the evenings.

4. More Affordable 

Even if your employer pays for your expenses, you shouldn't use your company credit card without thinking. 

Short term apartment rentals can be significantly cheaper compared with hotels. You also get much more for your money, such as bigger space and nicer surroundings. 

Instead of staying overnight in a cramped hotel room, you'll get a whole apartment to yourself. Check out the prices of furnished apartments and suites for rent near you.

5. Kitchen Facilities 

When you regularly travel for work, you get sick of eating fast-food and sitting in restaurants by yourself. 

Therefore, having your own kitchen for a few days can make your life a lot easier.

Even if you only prepare yourself a snack before you go to bed. Or, having breakfast in your apartment before you set off in the morning. 

Short Term Apartment Rentals

Now you know why business travelers pick short term apartment rentals over hotels. They're cheaper, more comfortable and give you the feel of being at home.

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