7 Cool Houses You'll Want for Yourself

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We all want a home that reflects our personal aesthetic; a home that feels like us, and stands out against our neighbors. Every individual is as unique as a snowflake, right? Why shouldn't our homes be, as well?

Cool houses aren't all looks, either. A lot of modern designs keep the environment in mind, and we could all use a little more green in our life.

Whether you're looking for home inspiration or just marveling at the amazing architecture, you've never seen cool houses like this.

Home 1. Cantilevered Swimming Pool

In this architectural design, the swimming pool is the main focal point of the home. Unlike boring, traditional in-ground pools this one is suspended on a platform and cantilevers over the garden. 

Designed by Ensamble Studios in 2008, by suspending the pool the architects created an open, airy feel on the grounds at the same time this design strategy is daringly eye-catching!

Home 2. Earthship, Taos, NM

The Earthship in Taos, New Mexico was an ingenious design. This cool design was created with the environment in mind!

Made completely of recycled materials this cool house may look like anthills made of tires and dirt but from the front, they seem more normal, showing off beautiful windows, interesting walls, and major appliances. 

The design is completely solar-powered, and use other eco-friendly ways to generate appliances, like a rain-harvesting system and sewage treatment!

Designed by the revolutionary Mike Reynolds, the Earthship has attracted so many visitors you can now rent it AirBnB style! Not only can you enjoy the beauties of the New Mexican desert while staying in an eco-friendly house, but Earthship also offers workshops on how to renovate with the environment in mind. 

Home 3. Sharifi-ha House, Tehran, Iran

This cool design creates a fluid combination of modern and traditional Iranian architecture in mind. This cool house has a living space broken up over four floors.

The top three levels are composed of a series of turning boxes. Each turning box allows for the resident to change the composure of the room, from open to closed.

This flexibility allows for complete customization for the needs and preferences of those living there. These great room ideas create a sweet balance between modern and traditional Iranian architecture.

This cool house has a similar design to the kinetic wall, which can be installed in any home! An easy renovation that can be done anywhere if this great room idea inspires you. 

Home 4. Castel Meur, Bretagne, France

Castel Meur rests in between two granite boulders. This cool house would be perfect for a deeply private person, or just someone who loves to incorporate nature in their home!

The giant boulders actually act as shields against violent storms that frequent the seas. This eco-friendly design is an ingenious way of blending architecture and natural structures. 

Home 5. Casa Del Acantilado, Granada, Spain

Eco-inspired homes are becoming very popular as the world gets more serious about climate change. It's inspiring to see designers use the landscape in their projects rather than demolishing it!

Casa Del Acantilado is another great example of this kind of eco-friendly home. The rooftop takes the shape of the cliff side the home sits on. The design creates an eye-catching roof that becomes the focal point of the house.  

To create this cool house the Gilbartolome Architects used zinc tiles to mold the roof to the cliff because zinc is a soft metal. The cliff side will also act as a shield against any high winds or storms just like Castel Meur. 

Home 6. Cliff Home, Victoria, Australia

This cool house sits perched on a cliff overlooking the beautiful deep blues of Australia's oceans. Another home that really treads the balance of nature and architecture. 

This design allows the resident to experience the sea at any moment. Fashioned almost completely out of glass and broken into four levels, this home was designed in direct correlation with the water.

The home was created to form a natural extension of the cliff. You enter the home through the uppermost level and descend down towards the water, the last floor being a beautiful outdoor room.

The Cliff Home was created with the views in mind so the interior was left minimal, so it wouldn't overwhelm the perspective. 

Home 7. Suite Blue Tree House

Now you might be thinking of the shack you and your dad made one summer as a "tree house" but continuing on our new eco-friendly trend, some really cool tree house designs have come to light.

The Suite Blue Treehouse sits in an old tree in the beautiful countryside of Arlena di Castro, Italy. It was designed by La Cabane Perchee, a company that specializes in custom-made and luxurious tree homes. 

The house was designed with the tree in mind, paying great detail to form of the tree and the distribution of the branches. Making the home a structural part of the tree rather than killing the plant! 

The Hunt For Cool Houses

Creative and innovative homes speak to the individual in all of us. We should celebrate the parts of us that make us unique and parade them with pride!

Cool houses remind us that art is everywhere, and even the stickiest of situations can be solved with inventive thinking.

Whether you're just remodeling your kitchen or building a home from the ground up- creative, modern, eco-friendly architecture is an option.

Thinking outside-the-box can also create cheap, and green, solutions for your home, like the boulders shielding Castel Meur. 

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