7 Tips for Selling Your Unconventional Home

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Selling your home is never easy. You may want to find the right people to buy it and at a good prize too. There is so much competition in the property market and this is why you have to make sure that you stand out when you put up your unique property for sale.

Today putting out fresh flowers when you have an open house is no longer enough. You will need to do more if you want to sell your property fast. Sellers have now become extremely creative and are using some pretty unusual methods to sell their home.

Let’s take a look at some of the unique home selling tactics that you can use.

1. Give the Potential Buyer a Taste of the Home

When buying a car, a buyer gets a test drive, you can borrow from this concept and offer your potential buyer a weekend or at least a night’s stay. Even if you have a unique property for sale, you can try this out when you need to sell my house.

Letting the serious buyers sleep in your house, you will be allowing them to fully experience the house and this could be the only thing they need to be fully convinced to buy. Do not forget to consult with your realtor or your attorney first.

House swapping is a trend today and people use apps to let their homes to strangers. Get information on responsible hosting so that you can know how to make it happen with ease.

2. Throw in an Extra or Two

Everyone loves a freebie. You can give buyers an incentive and a motivation to buy your house. Throw in goodies like a free big screen TV, a car, a vacation, or a piece of furniture along with your unique home for sale. Remember, to be smart with the giveaway because it should not cost you.

If you cannot be able to give a freebie, you can make a game out of the sale with your home as the grand prize. In as much as this is a fun way of selling your home, it needs a lot of planning because it has its share of headache. Should you decide to take this route to sell your house, make sure you do it legally.

3. Help Buyers with Financing

Buyers at times back down from buying property because they cannot be able to get financing. To sell your home fast, you can help the serious buyers with financing.

There are many ways in which you can assist your buyer get the property. These include being the financier yourself, offering lease-to-own deals where they can rent your home for some time, usually three years with an agreement to buy once the lease expires, paying for points to lower the interest rate, or paying for the closing costs.

4. Another Unique Property for Sale Idea Is to Make a Virtual Tour of Your Home

The internet and technology have paved the way for creative marketing ideas. One of these ideas is virtual advertising. With a virtual tour, you can be able to find a serious buyer out of your state because they can clearly see what they are buying without having to come and view the house physically.

You can either create a 3D floor plan or live stream a video of your home or post it on Facebook. Your realtor can also post it on the website. Many buyers search for property online and a huge percentage of them prefer to watch virtual videos. This means you have a better chance of selling with a high-quality virtual video.

5. Sell Your House at an Auction

This is one of the fast and unique ways of selling your home. Auctions are no longer for foreclosed homes only, meaning, you can be able to sell off your property without much expense through an auction.

However, you need to know exactly how to handle the process. You can either opt to use your realtor or find any experienced auctioneer who is good at selling a house and work with them.

From there you can them find out when the next auction is and plan for it. Make sure that you set the prize as high as possible.

The risk here is that you can lose your money if you are not keen. Know everything there is to know about auctioning your home and do not rush into it.

6. Hold a Unique Open House with a Scene

If your property has a story behind it like an Edwardian or Victorian home, you can set some little scene in line with it. Get your family members to play dress up and turn your garden into a 60s cocktail party and serve them some martinis.

You do not need much to lure your potential buyers. The potential buyers will be imaging what kind of parties they can have as they view your home. This can simply be what you need to get them to make an offer.

7. Hold an Open House Party

Create a memorable experience for your buyers by holding a party for them in your property. Offer free wine, food, and some good music too. Remember to talk to your neighbor and invite them to the party too. This will give your potential buyers an easy way to talk to them should they have any questions about the neighborhood.

Consider Using This Unique Property for Sale Ideas as You Put Your Property in the Market

When it comes to selling your home, do not stick to the old ways. Be creative and unique when selling.

As long as you are not losing any money on the sale, you can try these and more amazing ideas that can help close the deal as fast as possible. You will have a good time when using this unique property for sale ideas.

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