Three B2B Marketing Trends To Watch

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1. ABM Continuous Growth 

The increasing number of B2B marketers is using account-based marketing or ABM as part of their overall marketing efforts. For further transparency in B2B marketing, ABM perfectly matches the traditional, short-term marketing goal of generating leads with efforts that can drive long-term revenue growth. 

To simplify, ABM is a strategy that directs marketing resources to engage in a specific group of accounts. It does not only call for association between sales and marketing teams but it also forces teams to align because personalization at the account level requires sales and marketing to be in sync on account-specific messaging. Motivation is the higher revenues in a shorter period of time. 

Why Would You Want To Practice ABM? 

Marketing teams are facing more pressure to directly improve revenue growth. It is the main reason that the ABM approach is seeing significant commitment. ABM focuses you on connection in your highest opportunity, highest-value accounts. By incorporating efforts and resources, marketing and sales can effectively engage and convert accounts. 

A well-observed approach matters at the moment when buyers are increasingly persistent on outreach personalized to their business and even their personal benefits within the business. Personalize properly and buyers are more open to your outreach and will not ignore you and your content. 

2. Videos For Visual And Attraction 

Video marketing is changing how we do business. Video is not just something good to have but it is a must-have. You know why? It is simply because 9/10 customer’s decision to buy have already been concluded before asking the help of the sales representative. 7/10 of B2B buyers are watching videos to help them finalize their spending decisions. 

Based on Google search, a prospective sure buyer watches at least 30 minutes of content. Businesses in today’s market are interacting with primary customers by using video as their marketing strategy to build a connection with online audiences. 1/3 big company players make up to 100 videos a year to keep customers attached and updated. 

A video marketing platform can contribute to the improvement of hosting, management and distribution. It will optimize your business and will drive further engagement and optimization. Most importantly it enables generation of sales. 

3. Technological Advancement 

Technological advancements have the ability to transform and improve your business overnight. Due to fast development and modernization of the industry, you can’t keep on the track if you can’t cope with the changes. Although these changes are often exciting, keeping up with the evolving technology can feel like a never-ending process, which is absolutely true. 

Humans have no contentment, that is the reality. Research and development is a never ending process there is no final stage. If you fall behind on the latest advances in technology, you might also fall behind in the whole stages of marketing competition. 

Never let this happen to you! Forecast possible changes and learn to adapt to sudden unwanted occurrence. As of now automation becomes a standard. Think how you can cope with it and continuously learn how you can keep and store data efficiently which are very essential to every business.

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