The Ultimate Guide For Writing An E-Commerce Site Proposal

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If you have invested your time, energy, and money in creating a great E-commerce website you definitely want to see some results. But in order for your website to start bringing you money, you first need to attract customers. That is when the proposal steps out on the scene. 

A winning proposal plays a crucial role when you are closing a deal. Reluctant clients can become your biggest fans if you know how to sell your business. The problem is that a lot of people get intimidated when they think of writing a business proposal. The thing is that it will be less frightening if you know how to approach the whole process. 

This guide will give you all the scoop on what a winning proposal needs to consist of in order to fulfill your client’s expectations. 

1. Use A Template 

What you need to keep in mind is that every client is unique. Customizing each proposal according to the specific client should be a must. 

That can take a lot of time if you don’t use a template. 

There are a lot of templates to download online. You can check out a template by PandaDoc if you want to see how it looks like. 

As you will notice, the template will lead you step by step so that you don’t forget anything important. 

Considering that you should customize the template based on your business needs and specific customers, you can easily remove or add parts of the content. 

2. Write An Introduction 

The proposal needs to have an introductory part which will cover all the basics. It needs to include some general information about your company, what you do, how you can help them, and overall project but in general terms. 

The introduction is the first part the clients will read so you need to get their attention if you want them to stay interested. 

3. Compose An Outline 

While the introduction gives a general idea, the outline needs to go into more details. You need to specify the concrete terms which will explain the nature of your project. 

Some of the elements which outline should include are: 

 Initial planning 
 Technologies which will be used 
 Content development 
 Website design 
 UX and UI 

These examples are just a few things among many that you need to include. The outline needs to answer all the question that the client may have. 

4. Define Goals, Objectives, And Outcomes 

If you want your clients to agree to your proposal, you need to explain why they should do that. Clearly describe the objectives and goals you plan to achieve and how will that benefit them. They need to know the outcome of what they are getting themselves into. 

In case you don’t feel inspired during this process, you can always turn to some writing service such as which can team you up with experienced and talented writers. 

5. Showcase The Timeline 

This section should present the schedule and specific milestones of the project. In that way, the client will see that your plan is developed based on real-time planning. 

The timeline is usually presented in a table format for transparency. 

Pay attention to your other deadlines and events that might intervene because you need to stay true to the deadline you state. 

6. Specify The Price 

For most customers, this is the most important part. 

You need to add a detailed breakdown of the cost. It should also contain information about the overall budget. Every cost needs to be justified. 

If possible, try to include possible unexpected costs (based on your previous experiences) to protect yourself from potential inconveniences. 

7. Explain The Organization 

Every project has a team responsible for delivering the results. This section is dedicated to those people. 

List the employees who will be working on this project with their responsibilities and purpose of their functions. The potential customers should know the details about the organizational structure. 

ultimate guide writing e-commerce site proposal online retail business plan

8. Set Terms And Conditions 

To sum up the whole project, you should state all the terms and conditions. For some, this may seem unnecessary after all the information you have already shared but this is a great way to close of a proposal. 

It shows your client that you are professional and completely transparent about all the conditions. 

After that, all that is left is to leave a space for the signature. 


By following these guidelines you’ll easily cover all the crucial elements of a solid business proposal. Now it is up to you to take the matter in your hands and wow your new customers with a promising plan. 

Once you carefully prepare your business proposal, all you’ll need to do is to find people who will recognize your quality and potential. 

AUTHOR BIO Adriana Veasey is an experienced writer and editor at Due to her love for writing, Adriana had the opportunity to work on various writing projects. One of her many fields of expertise is writing business proposals for thriving entrepreneurs. As she encountered and overcame many challenges during her career, Adriana had decided to use his experience in order to help business owners and writers with their new projects.

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