Twitter vs Instagram: Which is Better for Marketing?

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There are around 4 billion people logging onto the internet on a daily basis. With the world wide web becoming increasingly accessible to third world countries, we're seeing that number climb daily, and over 3 billion people on social media alone!

While users have a lot of places that they can choose to go once they're online, there are two places where large numbers of people love to congregate especially... those two places are Twitter and Instagram.

If you're a business owner and you haven't leveraged those two platforms to market what you're selling, you're missing out. There are a total of over 1.5 billion active users on Instagram and Twitter combined.

The question isn't "if" you should advertise on Instagram or Twitter it's which platform you should focus on.

Below, we break down some Twitter vs. Instagram insight to help you better understand which medium is more worth your marketing dollars.

About Twitter

No Twitter vs. Instagram marketing debate would be complete without first talking a little bit about what each platform is.

Twitter is a social sharing tool that was founded by Jack Dorsey in March of 2006. Today, the company is worth nearly half a billion dollars.

Twitter boasts a number of unique features that attract marketers to the platform. Some of its primary advantages include the following:

A Text Friendly Motif

If your marketing team loves to write effective copy concisely, we've got two suggestions for you: read more of our SMM tips to sharpen your writing and take to Twitter.

Twitter is the single best tool when it comes to brief and effective writing. It's that central concept that has allowed it to fare so well in today's "less is more" society.

The platform caps written posts at 280 characters and will allow you to complement your characters with some form of rich media if you'd like (picture/video).

Twitter is Straight to The Point

Twitter isn't a platform for marketers to rant and rave about their products. It's a platform that lets you share your meat and potatoes sell points with the masses and allows the masses to then quickly decide whether or not they'd like to do business with you.

Furthermore, Twitter isn't all about selling. It can also be about post-purchase customer engagement as well.

Twitter's unique, short-handed way of sharing information has made it a great tool for providing fast customer support.

A Powerful Trending Mechanic

We love Twitter's ability to scour its platform fast to see what people are talking about and then compile those top stories into its "trending" section.

As a business, if you can post buzz-worthy content on Twitter that your customers really enjoy, you could find yourself featured under "trending" which could provide additional exposure for your company.

Tapping into Conversations

Do you want to see what people are talking about regarding something specific? If so, Twitter has you covered.

If you're interested in learning about what people's biggest pain points are regarding "dining out" for example, you could type "dining out" in Twitter's search box to quickly pull up all Tweets that incorporate that key phrase.

A Little Bit About Instagram

Now onto what is widely considered to be the hottest social media platform out there today, Instagram.

Instagram was founded in October of 2010 by Mike Krieger who then parted with the platform (for a few billion dollars) when Facebook offered to buy it up.

If you're interested in marketing on Instagram, here's what we think that you'll love the most about this social media juggernaut.

Photo Forward

People love sharing photos online. As a matter of fact, people process visuals 60,000 times faster than standard text which is a big contributor to this trend. Instagram appreciates that reality and has designed its whole platform around visuals.

Although you can leverage text in your Instagram posts, a picture or video must be uploaded alongside it.

If your company is big on visuals, it's going to feel right at home on Instagram.

Built-in, Pioneering Filters

It seems like every social media platform that allows photo sharing now has some sort of filters feature. If you look back on social media history though, Instagram is the brand that started the filter trend and continues to be the brand that's most on top of refining the technology (Snapchat is also noted for its contributions here).

Instagram's photo filters can help take your quickly shot marketing images and turn them into works of art. Because of that, we love this platform if your intention is to turn around and post your marketing collateral quickly.

Interesting Ad Placements

Organic marketing is all well and good on social media. In today's cluttered space though, money talks. To really get some traction for your brand on social media, you're going to want to pump some dollars into your efforts.

In our opinion, when it comes to Ad buys, Instagram is by far the most interesting platform.

We love how Instagram has managed to seamlessly integrate ads into their "Live  Story" feature in such a way that they do very little to diminish the user experience. That subtle yet effective approach to serving social media ads is going to become increasingly important going forward which makes Instagram well positioned to weather the future.

Twitter vs. Instagram: Which is Better for Marketing?

Twitter vs. Instagram when it comes to social media marketing can be a hot-button debate. At the end of the day though, we'll concede that both social media marketing platforms are outstanding for marketers. Both Twitter and Instagram cater to audiences uniquely enough that investment in both mediums could be justified.

Whichever platform you end up going with, Twitter vs Instagram, we wish you the best in your social media marketing endeavors and invite you to check out more information on how to build your social media marketing without breaking the bank at "Bootstrap Business" today!

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