5 Advices To Maintain And Promote Customer Loyalty

advice to maintain promote customer loyalty

Customer loyalty helps you to measure if yours customers come back to make business with you again. There are different ways to measure customer loyalty, but the simplest way is to count the number of purchases of a customer when his name is registered in your client database. 

Loyal customers are very important because when they come back, it means they are satisfied and are still ready to spend more money to get your products. So how can you build your loyal customer base? 

Optimize Yours Advertisements To Let Them Know And Love Your Products 

When your brands and products are well promoted, customers will understand that you are better than the others on quality or on affordable prices. But good advertisements are not enough: you also have to realize promised value or more. 

Think about improving regularly the user experience: consider the customers emotions. Pleasant experience can generate a good influence on increasing customer loyalty and improving your brand diffusion. It is essential to invest in the usability to insure design and interactive experience of the products or skills you may suggest. 

Social media marketing platforms are excellent tools to reach your goal, if you really want to know your customers: their preferences, their habits, their real feelings about your offers, etc. 

Establish A Customer Health Scoring System 

You have to organize a customer health scoring system: this may help you to make a distinction between good and bad profits. For example, when customers use your products skillfully and have a good experience, it means good health. Some bad experience, may lead to average health. When customers don’t use your products because of bad experience, it means poor health. 

This evaluation system will help you to understand each customer’s health and to find the right way to maintain their benefits. Set up a scoring system with a possibility for the old and new customers to give their opinions. You may use Net Promoter Score (NPS): it is a very popular loyalty analysis metric. You can obtain your company NPS when you subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of the promoters customers. 

Cultivate The Paid Customer Base 

Products and customers life cycle is very important information: each customer must be treated differently according to the phases of the life cycle. You must understand two main ideas: first of all, when a customer starts to pay, don’t give up on him. Then, never forget to treat each customer differently: set up methods and service standards. 

Don’t hesitate to inform potential customers about customer success story. For the category who bought your products one time and didn’t come back, try to understand the problem and to find a way to persuade them to get the habit to buy your products. If you sell your products on line, you can set up a suggestions system about products or services that customers may be interested in, according to their search. 

Estimate The Behavior Of The Customers You Lose 

When customers don’t use your products anymore, it means you lose them. It is a very good thing to know why each lost customers have left. Think about creating a special database for the lost customer including the answers of the following questions: why did they stop using your products? How long have they used your products? How to convince them to use your products again? 

These answers will help you to prevent losses by improving your selling process to content your customers, and then they will become loyal customers. John Paul offers customer loyalty program and can help you to choose the right tools according to your goals and your activities.

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