6 SEO Strategies To Improve Blog Performance

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Competition for retaining readers for your blog and finding new ones is more fierce than ever. That means that if it isn't optimized, you're losing readers, period. This is truer today than it was even just a year ago. The web is getting crowded and the fight for organic traffic on Google and other top search engines is only getting more competitive.

Before anyone else's content edges you out in the search engine results page (SERPs), let's take a look at six powerful ways that any blogger can boost readership and watch as their pages start inching up in the rankings. 

How many of these search engine optimization strategies are you utilizing already as a business blogger? Which SEO tactics are being ignored or neglected? 

Successful bloggers follow all of these smart search engine optimization (SEO) behaviors outlined below: 

1. Do A Full Site Audit 

At least once a year, it is important to audit your entire website to uncover common SEO issues. Safari Digital Agency advises looking closely at the following elements when performing a site audit for SEO: 

- Large multimedia files 
- Slow page loads 
- Meta tags 
- Keyword usage 
- Page formatting 
- Content Quality and Uniqueness 

It is just a small sample of the types of things an audit evaluates. Better automated auditing tools can even offer advice on how to fix problems and improve rankings. 

For an extensive walk-through of SEO auditing tools, James Hubbard’s guide is highly recommended to audit your website search engine optimization.

2. Keep The Quality Of Your Written Content High 

Written content is the backbone of good SEO. The major search engines place plenty of stock in the quality of your blog. If it isn't optimal and updated regularly, your site will not rank as well as it should. For this reason, it is always recommended to outsource at least a percentage of blog content. 

Working with a copywriting agency or essay writing service can help boost SEO in a number of ways. First, good copywriters and agents are knowledgeable about SEO best practices. They produce optimized, keyword-rich content that gets the attention of the search engine spiders. Second, they help to keep publishing on schedule. That brings us to the next important strategy... 

3. Publish Frequently And On Schedule 

According to the SEO pros at traffic masters, consistency and constant engagement with your audience are crucial to the success of your blog. Successful blogs almost always climb to the tops of the SERPs, and that means people are reading and staying engaged. It is a challenging game to keep up if there isn't any new content to keep people interested. Your competitors are vying for their views. Publish regular, and expected intervals and your readership will remain loyal. 

Consistent and compelling content will also cultivate organic link-building since more people and businesses will want to link to it.

4. Advertise All New Blog Posts And Content

You can use monetized adds on most social networks that will help expand your reach for a matter of pennies a day. Every new post should have an advertising strategy in place. Once readership increases, so will likes, shares, and backlinks to your blog. At that point, boosting posts and creating ads will become less necessary owing to increases in organic traffic. 

5. Encourage Sharing On Social Media 

Using pointed calls to action, encourage readers to like your content, so it gets more impressions. Encourage sharing it to create backlinks and increase your reach. Both of these help boost off-page SEO and help pages climb the ranks more quickly. Social media shares do pay off significantly when it comes to SEO.

6. Don't Forget About Email Marketing

Send email blasts to your entire list and let people know when new blog content gets published. A short (100 words or fewer), pointed message about the post that gets people excited about reading it can be a powerful SEO tool. Link to the content in the email and provide a call to action to click through to read the latest post. Email marketing will generate traffic, referrals, leads, and even high quality backlinks when done correctly.

SEO Like A Pro For Your Business Blog

Make no mistake: following good SEO practices in blogging is mandatory if it is going to be successful. All of the above advice can help boost blog website rankings on Google and other search engines when planned and implemented correctly. Now go SEO like a pro and grow on Google!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the top 6 SEO strategies to improve blog performance on Google in the age of modern marketing.

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