5 Best Home Staging Tips That Sellers Should Follow

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Selling a home is easier said than done, particularly if you want to sell fast and command a good price. Since the prospective buyers would want to see your property before taking things forward, its appearance really matters. The idea is to stage your home in a way that it is impressive enough to entice the buyers. However, not all sellers really understand that home staging goes beyond styling and de-cluttering. Let us help you with some excellent staging tips that can make your property absolutely attractive for the buyers out there. 

Keep The Place Tidy 24/7 

Keeping your home tidy is the most critical aspect of home staging because an untidy, cluttered place is repulsive right when people set their eyes on it. Make sure that you stow away clutter, keep clothes inside your wardrobe and put away dishes after meals. Additionally, you need to keep your living space looking good day and night because potential buyers may walk in any day, any time, sometimes even without prior notification. You would not want to scurry around tidying up the place every time the doorbell rings. 

De-Personalize Your Place 

When a prospective buyer walks into your place, they would visualize it as their own. However, they will not be able to connect with it if the place looks yours rather than theirs. The best way to avoid this is by de-personalizing the house. Avoid having family pictures, mementos and personal belongings in sight so that the place gets a neutral look and become more relatable for someone who would want to see it as their future home. 

Invest In A Few Trendy Items 

Styling up your place is another important aspect of staging it for the interested parties. Spending a little can be a smart investment as it may fetch a good price and get your property selling faster as well. Look for a small furniture piece, new curtains or a decorative wall hanging that may simply elevate the look of the place. Also, make sure that the place smells good and is well-lighted when the buyers visit. 

Renovate Where Needed 

Almost every Lake Oconee real estate agent would suggest renovation in the parts where it is required because a home that looks good sells faster and gets good price. Have a good look at your living space to assess the visible damage that may require repair or renovation. Be extra attentive about the kitchen and bathrooms because these are the areas that the potential buyers are more concerned about. A fresh coat of paint can also do some good as a part of the staging project. 

Keep Pets And Children Out Of Sight 

You may adore your children and pets but do not expect the buyers to share your feelings. Make sure that the little ones and pets are out of sight when someone visits the property to check it out with a buying perspective. Maybe, you could send them to a friend’s or grandparent’s place when the visit is planned. If someone arrives unannounced, you can whisk the children in a guest room and send the pet in the garage. 

These smart staging tips can definitely make your property more appealing to the potential buyers and increase your chances of selling fast and getting a good price. So the next time you expect a buyer to step in, be prepared!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the best home staging tips that sellers should follow when trying to sell their house.

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