6 Common Kitchen Renovation Decisions That Fail

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A kitchen renovation is quite arguably the best investment that a homeowner can make, but that does not mean that it can’t be costly. The best way to get the best return on your renovation by increasing the equity of your home is not to overspend or make poor decisions while you are renovating your kitchen space. 

Before you set out to design the kitchen of your dreams, think about these common poor decisions some homeowners make when renovating their kitchens and avoid having a nightmare on your hands. 

Ignoring The Little Details 

When designing your kitchen, it might be partially about the wow factor, but don’t forget about the practicality factor. Those small details that might fall by the wayside and be forgotten might actually make your daily routine miserable. Think about whether you'd like metallic accents, prominent wood designs, backsplashes, tile, or even wallpaper!

If you don’t plan small details like organization and storage into your overall kitchen renovation design, then you are going to have a holy mess on your hands once the kitchen is up and running. It is nice to have a beautiful kitchen, but there is nothing beautiful about not having a space for the things you need or hating where your garbage can is located. 

Haphazard Placements 

Before you commit to any kitchen design, make sure that you “live” in it for a while. The placement of things around your kitchen might be limited by things like plumbing supply lines and gas lines, but when possible, try to plan things so that you aren’t bumping into islands and fumbling over hurdles in order to cook. 

Be smart about where things are located so that you save yourself a whole lot of time and hassle. If you can move things around to give your kitchen a better flow, do so. It might not seem like a big deal on paper, but when you are spinning around in circles cooking Thanksgiving dinner, you will wish that you had designed your space differently. 

Skimping On Counter Space 

If you don’t have enough counter space, then you are going to be miserable. Having room around your sink, your stove, and your refrigerator are all going to be critical. If you need to extend your counter space by using shelving supports or by adding an island, take the time to do so. Prep work requires adequate space, so make sure you have enough room to sprawl out, prevent injury, and optimize health. 

Not Hiring A Professional 

You might be an excellent decorator, but if you haven’t ever designed a kitchen before, then you might want to call in some recruits for renovation or building purposes. 

Designing a kitchen isn’t just about the finishes like what type of sink you want or what cabinet knobs will bring out your inner chef. It might behoove you to hire someone to help you place things where they will function best. There is no shame in asking for help. In fact, asking for help is the smartest way to go about planning your dream kitchen. 

Ignoring Your Budget 

One of the most dangerous phrases ever uttered in Winnipeg kitchen renovation is “How much does that cost?” If you think that adding just a little bit here and there is okay, then you are probably going to find yourself in a huge hole with no way to dig yourself out. Make a budget, and then make sure to stick to it. No, upgrading is not acceptable if you want to stay on track to finish in the green. If you have left over money at the end of the renovation, then consider adding an additional feature or higher-end appliance. 

Waiting Until The End To Choose Appliances 

Your kitchen should be built around things that are a priority. Those things are cabinets, appliances and plumbing. If you don’t know the dimensions of the spaces for your appliances and just plan for standard widths, you are going to be pigeonholed into getting appliances that you actually might not like, are too expensive or just don’t match the kitchen the way that you want. 

Appliances are not an afterthought; they are one of the biggest things that determine your kitchen design. Before you start laying things out, pick out which appliances you are going to use to make sure that you get it right. 


A kitchen renovation might be an awesome thing for your house’s equity, but only if you do it wisely, stick to a budget and make smart choices. There is no second chance when it comes to designing a kitchen. So, make sure to do it right the first time around to maximize your real estate equity.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to avoid common kitchen renovation decisions that could disastrous to real estate ROI.

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