Top Website Builder Platforms For Smart Entrepreneurs

top website builder platforms for smart entrepreneurs

Introduction: It is the age of quick startups. You can’t rely on your startup to produce the revenue you need to invest in your business. It would help if you had much groundwork, but luckily, the digital age allows anyone to be anything. You don’t necessarily need to have an office and an army of employees to appear like a company. A bunch of well-managed social identities and a professional attitude are all you need. One of the hardest jobs in the process is making a website for your new startup. However, all that is gone now that you can have a lot of website builder platforms offering tons of customization options. You can create the site of your liking within a day. 


Although people might think that WordPress should be the top entry for the list of top website building platforms but you should consider Wix. Making a beautiful site with all the latest features is not a problem anymore. With Wix, you can embed videos, blogs, slideshows, and carousels anywhere you want. Although they have a vast difference in prices compared to other website builder platforms, it still manages to offer a lot more than the asking price. 


WordPress has been the website maker for the world for a long time. With the recent 5.0 update, it has reached even more levels of depth, allowing the user to create a lot more interactive content and a site that stands out in the eyes of the viewer. You can find countless themes that require simple changes before you can publish them online for reasonable prices and sometimes free as well. Although it takes a lot more time compared to Wix, you can create a cheaper and much more detailed site with WordPress if you can get in it. 

Gator By HostGator 

An excellent hosting site offering a wide range of hosting services now provides a smart and straightforward website builder. You might not be able to produce something fancy and overwhelmingly creative, but if you are going for a decent site structure that is fast and efficient, you need Gator. With a simple sign up and a redirect to the builder, you can start creating your site and get a discount on your first site’s hosting service as well. 


The cornerstone of all e-commerce sites is Shopify. You can find no platform better illustrating how an online shop needs to be made. You can find yourself in a very comfortable environment for designing your online store. With a wide range of options and essential plugins that allow you to create a brilliant store with the latest features and payment security measures in place. Like WordPress, Shopify site themes are also available in the market for a reasonable price, but you should consider whether what you need is a simple site or specifically, an online store. It’s better to buy a properly designed theme rather than getting a nulled theme. You can catch a cheater but not a thief’s coded site that sends valuable payment information to the person who designed it. 


These platforms are some of the best digital helpers out there that can help get your business up and running in no time. Although they seem quite a bit of work if you consider the kind of savings they are providing in the long run, you can be sure that they are as useful as they are rated to be.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the top website builder platforms for smart entrepreneurs looking to build a web presence.

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