5 Low Cost Ways To Have Fun When Running A Startup

low cost ways have fun running startups

There are millions of startups launching each and every year, and this is one of the major reasons why it is such a stressful endeavor. The competition is stiff and if you are going to make it within your niche, there is much to contend with. From pricing to industry innovations, there is always something eating away at the back of your mind. Why not take a break from all that so that you come back refreshed and ready to tackle whatever lies in your path? Don’t worry! Money needn’t be an issue. Here are five low-cost ways to have fun when running a startup. 

1. Take A Day Off To Go Sailing 

You don’t even need to own a boat to enjoy a day on the water. It is possible to rent boats by the hour, the afternoon or even for an entire day and once out on the waves, there are no distractions to keep you from enjoying some peace and tranquillity. If you think the startup ecosystem isn’t stressful, it’s time you looked at just how complex it truly is! 

2. Have You Tried Gaming? 

From computer games to online casinos, the gaming industry is huge and growing bigger by the day. In fact, you can even come away with a bit of money in your pocket if you’re up for a wager. Slots are fast, fun and easy and if you choose the right casino, you can even begin by playing against the house for free! How much cheaper can it get? Check out slots calendar 200 slots bonuses to find a casino that strikes your fancy. Those bonuses give you house money to play with – a really good deal when you think about it. 

3. Fly A Kite At Your Local Beach 

Can you remember when you used to go to the beach with your family to fly kites in the wind coming offshore? It’s free once you’ve bought a kite and they aren’t expensive at all. Take the kids, a date, your team or go alone if the mood strikes you, but there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as watching that kite with a colourful tail floating through the air. 

4. Do Something Totally Unexpected 

When things get inordinately stressful at work, why not do something totally unexpected? Throw an impromptu office party where you order in a few pizzas and let everyone step away from their desks for the last couple hours of a business day. The surprise of it all will lighten the spirits of your team and you just might find that the entire crew comes back the next morning refreshed and ready to tackle any new challenges ahead. 

5. Add Games To Your Staff Meetings 

If it’s monotony you are trying to break to give your staff a kick start to their day, add a game or two to a weekly staff meeting. It costs nothing except perhaps a few supplies, but you are already paying staff to attend the meeting so why not liven it up a bit for them? You can be given much advice on how to run a particularly effective staff meeting, but often an icebreaker or two will put them in a receptive mood. Try it sometime to see just how much fun it is and how your team will open up when asked to share.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about 5 low-cost ways to have fun when starting a stressful and time-consuming lean startup.

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