How Can You Trust Your Employees And Take Care Of Your Business At The Same Time?

how to trust employees take care of business while growing company

One thing many business owners struggle with, is trusting their employees while making sure their business remains safe and secure. However, doing both at the same time is imperative to your business success! If you don’t trust your employees, they’ll likely resent you, won’t work as hard, and you’ll end up with a high employee turnover. If you’re too trusting, then you could end up with problems that could have been avoided later on down the line. 

Let’s talk about how you can trust your employees and take care of your business at the same time: 

Do The Appropriate Checks Before Hiring 

Before even hiring your employees, you should be carrying out the appropriate checks to make sure they are trustworthy people, as well as who they say they are. Once you’ve done these checks you can be confident that the person you’ve hired is suitable. This doesn’t mean they won’t ever do anything to harm your business, but it’s definitely a good start. 

Make Sure They Know The Importance Of Passwords 

Every employee should have a secure password that should be updated every year or so, for each different platform. Having a password system in place that stores all of their passwords so they can’t forget them will ensure that the business remains secure. Make it clear how strongly you feel about this. This isn’t a personal attack on them; it’s simply a business owner taking care of their business. 

Choose The People You Give Responsibility To Carefully 

There will likely come a time you have to give somebody more responsibility. Make sure you choose wisely. If you’re thinking of giving somebody the key to your business, make sure you give it to a switched on person so you don’t end up having to call a commercial locksmith company out at a silly time in the morning. The responsibility you give will be entirely dependent on your business and what it entails. 

Make sure only the most trustworthy have things like safe combinations and professionally installed locks. Make sure it’s necessary to give them away before you do too! You shouldn’t be making anybody’s job more difficult, but you should be thinking about your best interests. 

Take a look at a prime example of a business owner going the wrong way about this. Sammy, one of the owners of Amy’s Baking Company, wouldn’t even let waitresses use the till. They would have to go to him and tell him the orders one by one, and he would put them in himself, often making mistakes and doing so slowly. The whole business is a complete lesson on what not to do - check out Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares to see for yourself. 

Remain Consistent 

Consistency with your employees and the things you enforce is a must! You can't say one thing and then do another, or say different things to different people. That’s plain bad management. You need to start off strict but relax the policies slightly if they become too overbearing. 

Ask For Feedback 

How about asking for employee feedback from time to time? There are anonymous systems in business that can be used so they are more likely to tell the truth. Listen to them and make the appropriate changes! 

Final Thoughts

Putting trust in your employees is a must. If you can’t trust them, you shouldn’t have them on board. Plus you can't grow your business very large if you only work by yourself. If something happens to you without employee backup, your business is toast!

I hope you enjoyed this article about how you can train and trust your employees while you take care of the key business.

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