How To Become A Small Business Consultant With A Limited Budget

how to start small business consultant

This year is about to end and we are closer to 2023. A hundred years ago we would have thought that by now there would be flying cars, teleportation, and we would already be traveling to other planets, but we will get there in the next few decades. For now, we still have thousands of technologies that have made our lives and business easier. Hundreds of small, medium, and large businesses don't know about these systems and technologies and so in this article we will discuss how you can help them by starting a small business consultant business

How To Start A Small Consultant Business With A Limited Budget 

Starting any business will require a small upfront cost, but there are ways to minimize these costs. Of course, once you begin to have paying customers you will be able to put the profits back into the business, but when you're starting out every dollar counts. 

There are some different ways and tips in which you can start your business consulting business if you're budget is limited.

Steps To Get Started As A Small Business Consultant

1. Create the business website yourself 
2. Use free ad platforms 
3. Get a library card 
4. Get help from family members 
5. Get a small business loan 
6. Bring on a partner 
7. Join your local chamber of commerce or BNI group
8. Reverse engineer your success. Foundr may help you with this one.

There are hundreds of online platforms where you can create a free website and publish it without even having to purchase the domain name. The only drawback is that the domain name will have the web publishing company's branding instead of yours. Once you complete your website and add your information, products, services, and contact information you can start putting the link on different online places to reach your customers. The best and least inexpensive way to market your newly created business is to use free ad websites like Craigslist. A professional website is essential if you want to succeed against other top small business advisors.

Really Helpful Resources

If you don't have a library card you will need to get one. The library is going to be one of the best places to find resources to help you grow the business. Everything you need to know is found inside a book because someone has already done what you're trying to do. What I have found as well is that libraries provide free services for businesses such as databases. You can use these databases to find and download lists of potential customers anywhere in the country. These lists provide you with names, addresses, phone numbers, and sometimes emails so that you can begin cold calling or sending emails about your business

Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends And Family

Get help from one or two family members who want to see you be successful. Tell them that they will not be paid until sales start coming through. You now have "employees" who are helping you out of goodwill. If you're really looking to grow the other choice is to get a small business loan. Before you start talking to lenders you will need to create a business plan so they can see what you're trying to do, how much money you will need, and how you will pay them back. 


In conclusion in this article we discussed a few of the ways in which you can start a small business consulting business. We know that money is limited when someone is barely starting their business and so the seven tips will help you start off until you can put some of the profits back into the business. The best thing you could do if you can't spend any money on the business is to use your creativity, free library resources, and friends or family that want to help you become successful. 

Douglas Pitassi is a small business blogger, consultant, and the owner of Pitassi Times.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to get started as a small business consultant with a limited budget and time frame.

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