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Enjoy this digital marketing full interview I did with an international software company:

1) Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

It provides versatility, analytics, and exceptional ROI. It is also unmatched in reaching the all-powerful Millennial and Generation Z consumers that have tremendous spending power. If done correctly at least...

2) What Inspired Your Career Path In Marketing

I've always been an entrepreneur and I really started getting interested in marketing when I was running my own service businesses. I was low on funds after paying off my college loans, had bootstrapped my business on a very low budget, and obviously couldn't compete with the larger corporate competitors with traditional print advertising, radio commercials, or television ads. I had to find a way to get exceptional value for my money and found that social media, email marketing, blogging, and vlogging were the answers. Eventually I started becoming increasingly more interested with digital marketing than I was with the actual service businesses I was promoting. I started helping out my entrepreneur friends, doing marketing consulting for many local clients, blogging about my experiences, and executing social media / content campaigns for large global corporations. As soon as I started monetizing my online content and signing contracts with large clients I realized that there was tremendous potential for a career in digital marketing. 

3) When You Are Consulting, What Is Your Digital Marketing Niche?

I haven't been currently active as a consultant since accepting my digital marketing manager position a few years ago, but I certainly still speak with founders and entrepreneurs. I usually try and provide them with my experience and advice if applicable. If there is something I can do to help them out in a limited capacity then I will do so but as you mentioned I'm pretty busy these days. My specialty is social media marketing growth on a budget to drive brand awareness and sales, but I do offer a wide range of digital marketing services. It really depends on the needs of the client. 

4) What Inspired You To Create Bootstrap Business?

I started Bootstrap Business in 2009 as a side project to help other entrepreneurs promote their business on a shoestring budget. Over the years I've learned that there are still so many people that still don't understand anything about marketing in the digital age. There are still people, even successful industry leaders, that doubt the effectiveness of digital marketing. I've also learned that nobody has all the answers. Not you, not me, not your CEO, and not even the marketing gurus with millions of followers. We are all learning as we go through trial and error and none of us can predict the future. The best thing you can do is continue educating yourself, challenge the status quo, experiment with new methods, and be relentless when it comes to making improvements in your business. 

5) What Role Does Authenticity Play In Digital Marketing, Including Photography & Videography? 

You really have to believe in yourself and the product or service that you're selling. That genuine belief and passion (or lacktherof) will come across in your videos, articles, social media posts, ads, podcasts, and even pictures. It can make or break your business. Clients and employers need to see that authenticity or they'll go with another marketer or agency. 

6) What Is Your Top Piece Of Advice For Marketers & Entrepreneurs?

I would encourage everyone out there to start a side business if you haven't already or don't currently work for yourself. The lessons you learn from it (in addition to the extra money you hopefully make) are invaluable and will translate to greater success in your day job and overall career. You can leverage the knowledge and success that you gain for countless opportunities throughout your life. If you already have a side business or full time business, I challenge you to ramp things up aggressively and aim to double your profits in the next year. You'll have to dig deep and come up with some serious innovations and improvements. 

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I hope you enjoyed this interview about digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

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