How To Make Your Products Pop On Ecommerce

Lots of ecommerce sites look almost identical. They have the home page, the categories listed in a grid of pictures and then a single shot with a vague description and a ‘buy now’ or ‘add to basket’ button. 

The thing is, that this isn’t necessarily the best way to catch your customer's attention and persuade them that this is the best product for their needs and they should buy it right now. You need to make sure that every product you sell is presented in the best way so that it pops out of the computer screen and smiles and waves until it is purchased. 

Achieving product pop actually comes down to two really important things: 

Professional Product Photography 

Your products are the main event. They are what your customers are here for so making sure they are presented in the best possible way is going to make a huge difference. Whatever you are selling, a white background is probably going to be the sleekest way to present your products. This is because there are no other distractions in the picture and you can make sure you get the lighting just right. 

Product photography is a high level skill that years to build so even if you are handy with your camera on family holidays, this is definitely an area you should hand over to a professional studio like Coconut Product Photography. They specialize in e-commerce websites and provide such amazing shots, you won’t even think about doing your own photography again! If the pictures look awesome, they are going to get clicks. Lots of pictures showing close-ups and different angles are also going to satisfy customers who want a real idea of what they are getting. And with picture-based Pinterest breathing new life into social commerce, the competition in this area is heating up. 

Write Engaging Copy 

Product descriptions are often really basic. They say what the product is, what it does and how much it costs. After that, it might go on to say what it is made of but really, this kind of copy is inspiring no one. And inspiration is what you need. 

Rather than do the usual, try to tell a story about your product. How is it going to benefit the customer - what will the customer gain (clue: the thing they want most!). Knowing your customers and writing copy that speaks to them directly is going to make your product jump of the page in straight into their basket. When you know what the problem they are solving is, you can skip the boring stuff and head straight to the ‘this is why it will change your life’ story. Seduce them with your product’s capabilities. 

Perfect Pictures

A perfect picture next to a seductively written paragraph or two will really make an impact on the way your customers treat your ecommerce store. Not only will they be more inclined to spend longer on your site reading up and looking through your various products, they are also more likely to be persuaded that your product is the one for them. And that’s your main goal for ecommerce excellence.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to enhance your business photos and copy to make your products pop until purchase.

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