Gear Up Business Productivity With Android App Development

The use of smartphones has grown to an unbelievable magnitude. The mobile technology has become a core part of our lives. But, is it beneficial for the business front as well? To find out, let's have a look at these stats: 

 90% of users use their mobiles while purchasing from local stores. 

• 92% of users who search on mobile make the purchase. 

• 71% of marketers say that mobile marketing is a core part of their business. 

• 72% of spending on ads will be mobile-based in the US by 2019. 

All these numbers indicate the dire need for businesses to invest in mobile app development. Are you looking forward to the same? 

When it comes to building a mobile app, the very first challenge is to determine the right app development platform. While both the Android and iOS are effective, you need to choose one for enjoying better perks. 

Being someone in the mobile industry for years, I recommend businesses to invest in Android app development. The Android mobile app development platform has several benefits over iOS. With these benefits, you can gain higher momentum in the industry and craft a brighter future. Wondering how? 

Here in this article, we will discuss the advantages of Android development. Later, we will discuss how to find the right app partner to enjoy profitable android app development services. 

Wider Market Scope 

Android holds 76.53% of mobile market share, while iOS has only 18% of the market share. This implies, choosing iOS over Android means losing the opportunity to cater to a wider market. 

Besides, the Android platform targets every kind of users, whereas iOS is confined to rich people. This again can be a factor to go for Android app development, if your app is meant for all. 

Unbeatable Customer Experience 

With users glued to their smartphones, mobile apps can be the right road to reach their hearts. An Android app can keep you connected to your target user base throughout the day. It can help to cater to their needs with personalized and real-time offers. It can add value to your business by providing relevant ratings and feedback. And in this way, it can enhance the customer experience and make your brand their favorite. To know more, discuss your business requirement with an Android app development company today itself. 

Lower Investment 

The Android platform renders free SDKs and other development resources. Also, the Android developers are cheaper than iOS app developers. This, in turn, cut down the investment in Android application development

Easy To Customize 

Android development is the right solution for creating a tailor-made, user-friendly app. This is because the Android platform offers varied options for app customization according to your business needs. 

Diverse Marketing Options 

Unlike iOS, you can submit your Android application on different third-party platforms. You are not limited to Google Play Store only. This implies you can reach a wider audience, try different promotional strategies and market your app. 

Higher Productivity 

Besides marketing, an Android application can also enhance your workflow and boost productivity. It can provide real-time interaction just like that in case of Skype. It can help you to build your to-do-list and set reminders to never miss anything. It can automate various processes and keep a real-time record of everything. This way, it can cut down your manual efforts and offer more productive hours. 

Now as you are familiar with the benefits of Android mobile app development for your business, what's your next move? Are you planning to hire an Android app development company? 

While it might seem easy because of multiple options available, it is quite tricky to find the right app partner. However, the following tips can help you a lot:

Consider the skills and experience of the development team

There's no drawback of hiring a fresher, but the experienced one will be well-versed with the challenges associated with your target market. The experienced team can provide you with better solutions, empowering you to focus on other tasks. 

Check the market reputation 

Though it is time-consuming, it is required to get an escape from entering into an alliance with a fraud. To ease this process, you can also turn towards B2B research platforms like AppFutura, Clutch, and GoodFirm. 

Compare Cost with Services 

Don't get fooled with cheaper app development quotes from amateurs. Analyze what all services they are offering and then decide. This way, you'll be able to grab better Android app development services at a reasonable price and you'll get a better return on your investment.

Give importance to Communication

When it comes to Android application development, communication also matters. If you are not in touch with your app team, you are less likely to ask for changes in real-time. This can result in a delay in delivery and rise in app development cost. Besides, the lack of communication can also affect the app quality. So, it is necessary to stay in contact to ensure that you both are on the same page. 

Android application development holds a prosperous future for the businesses. So, don't let the opportunity go. Hire an Android app development team and get your own business android app today.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to gear up your business productivity with the best Android App Development.

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