Five Super Benefits Of Managed Hosting For Small Businesses

benefits managed hosting small business websites

If you own a small developing business and you require a web hosting service, then you should choose managed hosting. Managed hosting is a relatively fresh concept, and it is taking the web hosting business by storm. Basically, this service eliminates the hassle by providing a lot of automated features. is a managed web hosting provider that has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. Here is a list of some benefits you will gain by using managed web hosting. 

Easier Maintenance 

Of course whenever a website is created and hosted on the web is requires regular maintenance. This can be a time consuming and challenging task especially for developing companies that are new to the web hosting environment. This issue can be effectively resolved by using managed web hosting as due to the many automated features it provides maintenance becomes relatively easy. Managed web hosting also helps you save the resources and workforce you require to spend on maintenance. 

More Security 

Server security is very important and necessary for any developing business. There are many tasks that have to be completed to maintain a respectable server security. Running security audits, scanning for viruses, configuration the software firewall and spam filtering are some of the most important objectives of server security. 

In managed web hosting all of these processes are automated, and they are completed more effectively. Managed web hosting providers are well equipped, and they have various tools to deal with such security- related issues. Also, they have a lot of experience which makes it easier for them to recognize security problems before they become a threat to your company's reputation and solve them. They constantly and frequently scan the core applications and the whole system to find security vulnerabilities and anomalies, which they can fix to prevent the server from being compromised. Thus, if you prioritize security then managed web hosting is the best option for you. 

Automatic Backup & Recovery 

Managing and taking backups is quite a hassle and it can get real messy. People who manually manage their backup system mostly end up falling out of the habit or sometimes they just say that everything will be alright and they won’t need a backup. But when the systems go down, and they require the backups they don’t have them. 

Also taking regular backups require a lot of memory and can be an expensive endeavor. The great thing about managed web hosting providers is that they take this task upon themselves. Also, they have the equipment and the expertise to perform the task properly. Managed web hosting providers do an automatic backup so that you don’t have to worry about it. 

Managed web hosting services also provide the users with automatic recovery in case of system failure. Managed hosting providers will keep frequent backups a will restore the data when required without causing you any problems. This is why managed web hosting services are extremely reliable and have very impressive uptimes.  

Automatic Software Installs & Upgrades 

Anyone who understands web hosting knows the importance of regular updates. Website and software updating is a frequent and demanding task that takes a fair amount of time. If you have chosen a managed web hosting provider, then updates and software installation is one less thing you need to worry about. Managed web hosting with its many other useful features also provides users with automatic software installations and upgrade which can save you a considerable amount of resources and time in the long run. 

Automatic Server Monitoring & Scaling 

Server monitoring is extremely important and critical for your company and website. In automated server monitoring, the system constantly scans the servers to identify and locate any irregularities or potential failures. System administrators and certain problem identifying algorithms continually and constantly monitor the servers to identify such points of failures so that they can solve these issues before they become a threat to the system. Server monitoring is not an impossible task to self-manage, but it requires and demands a specific amount of skill, experience, time and money. 

Managed web hosting providers can protect your business website and overall company from these potential issues. Managed hosting providers also do automatic system scaling which means that the system is adjusted according to the current requirements for example if the traffic on your website is increasing and the system detects that the website will not be able to cope with such traffic, then the system will provide the website with additional bandwidth to keep it running smoothly. 

Affiliate Sales Opportunities 

Most host companies offer potentially lucrative affiliate sales opportunities. For example, HostGator's affiliate sales program is great because quality web hosting is something everyone needs. Many companies and clients have the need to build and optimize a lot of websites and blogs. Most of them use WordPress, which requires web hosting. We can easily provide our clients with an affiliate link to earn a percentage of the hosting services or other purchases that they make. 

It may also provide our clients with a discount promo code. Then it really becomes a win-win situation for everyone.

Get Hosting

Managed hosting can make owning a website a much easier and less complicated task for a small growing business. Get started with it today for your website or blog! 

About the Author: Barbara Morgan is a digital nomad based in the USA. She enjoys home-based work, cardio exercises and loves spending her vacations outdoor around nature. She regularly posts at Hostiserver and other online tech media publications.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the benefits of managed hosting for small businesses and online startups.

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