Social Media Branding Strategies You Need To Know

Anyone who owns a business, small or large, should be exploring the option of marketing via social media. Larger players have most likely already tackled the creation of their accounts and might even have an established presence with their followers. If you’re not quite there yet (and want to be there) it might be a good idea to reach out to professionals like Intensify, a social media company in Los Angeles, for quick lead generation, professional content creation, and social media management. 

Whether you’re going to try and tackle your company’s social media accounts on your own or with the help of professionals, it’s important to identify branding strategies that are going to set you apart from competitors. It's all about monetizing your website through sales and revenue generators and social selling can help! SproutSocial’s blog describes some of the most foundational branding techniques that every business should adhere to. 

1. Choose The Right Platform 

If you’ve put all of your time and effort into gaining traction on Facebook and it’s simply not working, you might not be at fault. Dependent upon your company and industry it might be a good idea to take your account to another platform, say Instagram. Different types of users are looking for different types of things on different types of platforms. 

2. Focus On The Visuals 

When it comes to social media, if the post isn’t visually pleasing, it’s going to be overlooked. Make a brand through your visuals by utilizing similar colors, patterns, and settings. After some time, customers should be able to look at your ad with no words and say “that company x’s advertisement”. 

3. Have A Voice Through Your Posts 

Developing a voice has to do with company culture, who your audience it, and what your audience is looking for. Knowing your audience is key in succeeding with this. Caption your posts so that your followers are actually interested in either reading more on the post or scrolling through previous posts. 

4. Be Consistent 

You don’t want to create a post and your question who the post is by. Your entire account should be consistent with its message, look, and even filters. You want to be able to look at the grid of your accounts posts and see a pattern. It’s okay to talk about different things within your company, but stick to your company. 

5. Post Regularly Without Being Spammy 

In order to keep your company in the minds of your followers, you need to find a happy medium between posting too little and posting too often. Figure out the right times of the day to post. This would most likely be when your get the most likes and comments because that means more people are engaging with your post. You don’t want to post every hour, because if you fill up your followers feeds with promotional posts, it’s going to feel like spam and they’re most likely going to unfollow you. Keep in mind that some of your users will be using your mobile app, some via the mobile site, and some through the desktop site. 

6. Connect With Influencers 

This is something that Intensify; a social media company in Los Angeles specializes in. Influencers are people with popular accounts that help to promote your brand by offering coupon codes, giveaways, and other campaigns. 

7. Utilize Your Bio 

You have space on your accounts to talk about who you are and what you do. Use this space! Don’t be afraid to throw in a link to your website or even a direct URL to a new product you’re pushing. This just makes it easier for the potential customer to find you. 

8. Promote Yourself 

Get people within your company to start following your new account and then branch out your networking from there. The initial need for followers can be hard if your company is small, but everyone needs to start somewhere. 

9. Engage With Your Followers 

Be sure to respond to comments and direct messages appropriately and in a timely manner. You definitely want to think about how you’re going to respond to negative feedback before you type out a response. 

10. Claim A Unique Name 

Of course you’re going to want to use a handle that is the exact name of your company, but if it’s already taken, it can confuse your customers. You want to claim your handle early! 

It doesn’t sound like managing a social media account would be too hard, but it can get tricky as your audience begins to grow. Consider hiring someone like Intensify, a social media company in Los Angeles when you need professional content, management, and around the clock engagement.

I hope you enjoyed this article about social media marketing strategies that your brand needs to utilize.

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