7 Basic Factors for High Employee Satisfaction

As an employer, you know that keeping your team happy is one of the most important goals for your business. Happy employees tend to be more satisfied in their role and workplace, producing better results and improving the productivity and profitability of your company. Employees who are engaged with their work and motivated to uphold the company’s good name will also be a boost to customer service efforts and improving brand reputation. Customer-facing employees who are truly satisfied at work and enjoy their role are usually a delight to be around. 

So, as a business owner or employer, what are the basics when it comes to employee satisfaction? What do your employees really need from you? Let’s find out 7 major things employees need. 

#1. Timely, Accurate Paychecks: 

Financial security is one of the main things that people expect when they take a job. If you’re employing people, then it’s down to you that they are paid in a timely manner, when expected, and the right amount. Problems with pay can quickly bring employees down; particularly if they are left waiting longer than usual for their paycheck or are under-paid. Bacs payment is the most convenient option; bacs through AccessPay is a great system for ensuring all of your employees are paid the expected amount on time because their system is fully automated. 

#2. Respect In The Workplace: 

When it comes to keeping your employees satisfied, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need to spend a lot of money on them to achieve a highly satisfied workforce. In fact, simple changes to the way your employees are treated at work can make a massive difference to employee satisfaction and productivity levels. For example, taking the time to listen to each employee’s opinion about what could be done to improve their work area lets your team members know that their input is valued and listened to. 

#3. Work-Life Balance: 

Ensuring that each employee can enjoy a good work-life balance will earn you a lot of respect and admiration from them as a boss. Today, too many employers are only worried about the business, rather than the human beings who work for them. As a result, more and more employees are finding themselves working unpredictable shifts, being called away from their families at the last minute to work, and having little input in their own shift patterns. Making sure that your employees are given the opportunity to choose shift patterns that work best for them can go a long way. Ensuring that employees have time off where they’re uncontacted is also important. 

#4. Strong Workplace Relationships: 

Giving your employees the opportunity to meet and get to know each other as people outside of work is a great way to improve satisfaction, morale, and teamwork in your workplace. Colleagues who are also friends will always want to help one another, making teamwork effortless between a group of people who get on well and understand each other. To encourage your employees to stay in touch and build strong workplace relationships, you can try team-building days, treating them to a work party or meal, or even having some fun in the office, such as a ‘bring your dog to work day’. 

#5. Opportunity To Progress: 

Another main factor that people today are looking for in their jobs is an opportunity to progress. Providing your employees with training programs, investments in college degree programs or the opportunity to undertake on-the-job training to learn new skills will all help you become a better employer in terms of how satisfied your team is. Today, employees want to know that they’re working for somebody who’s willing to help them in terms of their personal development. In addition to offering training, you should also hire from within as often as possible to give your employees the opportunity to move up the ranks. 

#6. Company Values: 

Having a strong set of company values can make all the difference when it comes to employee satisfaction. A company that really cares about the people working for it, the customers buying from it, and the planet and environment as a whole is a lot more attractive to talented, dedicated employees. In addition, being part of a company that really cares about the important things and has strong values that present this, can help to improve job satisfaction by being a rewarding experience itself. Going green, working with charities, or helping in your local community are just some rewarding ideas to get employees involved in. 

#7. Job Security: 

Lastly, one of the biggest things that today’s employees are looking for is job security in the workplace. Many workers know that permanent positions are becoming more and more scarce, so if you must take on contract workers, be sure that it’s made clear exactly how long they’ll be working for and what their options will be afterward. Wherever possible, offer secure, permanent positions for maximum employee satisfaction. 


Maximizing the chances of high employee satisfaction is a valuable investment that will pay significant dividends in the long run. If you found this article helpful, we’d love to hear from you on Twitter. Tweet @MikeSchiemer #Bootstrap Business with your feedback. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about the basic factors needed for high employee satisfaction and retention.

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