5 Small Business Marketing Ideas for the New Year

When it comes to marketing, it's often a case of who dares, wins. In these crowded and competitive times when achieving stand out in a crowded digital landscape is getting harder and harder - especially against operations with big SEO budgets - we need to take a step back and think creatively. Doing something unexpected can create a talking point, create a standout moment, and get customers talking about you and to you. Isn’t that what every small business wants? For the new year, here are some fresh ways to get your marketing messages across: 

Buy Your Customer Lunch 

If you work in a B2B environment, you’ll know that the key to success is simple - forming lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with key clients and then finding new and creative ways to meet their needs. Haven’t you often thought, if you could only get a new prospect to agree to that first meeting or lunch with you, you’d be able to show them why they’d benefit from your products or services? Well, you may not be able to take every prospective lead to lunch personally, but think creatively and you can still introduce yourself over a meal. How about filling some small branded paper bags from a party supply store with lunch items, and giving them out along with your business card and a little note? Not everyone has time to break away from their desk at lunchtime, but a well-timed bag of snacks makes the point that you respect their time - and if they want someone that makes their working life easier and works just as hard as they do, then they should be speaking to you. 

Make Your Fleet Work Harder 

It’s a fact that every single asset you have in a small business should do double-duty for you as a marketing tool. Clever use of graphics and striping on vehicles, storage boxes and staff clothing can really make an impact - and they’re a moving advert for your brand and values. Ask a question, wave hello or use a visual trick to command attention for your company out and about. The process doesn’t have to mean disruption to your operations - if you work with supplier like The Vomela Companies, they have printing and installation facilities across the country to get your fleet back on the road sooner. 

Get Into the Referrals Business 

There’s nothing better for a small business than word of mouth marketing from existing customers - it's organic, authentic and it doesn’t have to cost a penny. But you can turbo-charge the results but offering a small incentive to loyal customers to refer your services onto their friends and family. Online, making it easy to review your services and share those reviews on social media is key. You could also give a small discount or a free add-on or upgrade to customers whose friends come in and give their name. The warm leads you generate through this activity are highly likely to become customers, so it's worthwhile to put some thought in. 

Time To Get Guerilla 

So called ‘guerilla’ marketing involves low-cost high-impact stunts that really can put a brand on the map. The techniques are so effective that even big brands have taken a page from the playbook are are seeking the kind of customer experience this form of marketing can bring, The best of them have an instant reaction in the form of customers wanting to share the event on social media - leading to a wider reaching impact for the campaign. There are some fantastic examples of guerilla marketing that can be adapted for your business. 

Share Your Expertise 

You’re in business because you have a specialism, and a huge selling point for small business is often the personal touch they can provide to customers that sets them apart from the faceless corporations. But how do you extend that individualized approach to a bigger group of potential leads? One way is through hosting webinars or creating video content that gives away just enough of your knowledge - while still driving people to contact you for more. This kind of strategy positions you as an expert in your field, gives you a platform to reach out to new customers who are actively looking for what you’re providing and is low cost to produce. An added bonus is that this kind of content marketing can really enhance the SEO on your websites and propel you up the organic search rankings - so its win-win! Who knows, you could even find yourself going viral.

I hope you enjoyed this article about effective small business marketing tactics to utilize during the holidays and new year.

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