5-Star Methods For Encouraging Reviews Of Your Business

Positive reviews for your business are always good to showcase to help you attract customers. If you want to have good reviews to show off, you can't always just sit back and wait for them to come along. Sometimes, you need to be proactive in encouraging people to leave a great review. 

Offer Incentives for Reviews 

People will often feel more motivated to do something if there's a potential reward. If you want to incentivize people to leave a positive review (or any review), give them something in return, such as a discount or entry into a prize draw. Just keep in mind you aren't technically allowed to compensate anyone for a positive review, especially on websites like Yelp. 

Make Reviews Easy 

Most people just can't be bothered to review their experience, unless they have had a particularly great or awful one. They're even more reluctant if it's too much effort to submit the review. So make your review system quick and easy. 

Follow Up with Customers 

Sometimes, all it takes to get your customers to review you is asking them to do it. People can forget, or not realize that there's a way to review your business. Follow up on their purchases or your contact with them to suggest they leave a review for you. 

Deliver A Stellar Service 

Of course, providing excellent customer service is one of the best ways to get good reviews. If you offer an excellent experience to your customers, they will want to tell people that you helped them. Knowing how to deliver fantastic customer service to your customers will put you in a good position. 

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